Sunday, June 1, 2008

“This is Barack Obama’s party now.”
by Viva Chuck Todd Field Correspondent -
Amy Martin

If it’s Barack Obama’s party, then I vote Chuck Todd for Keymaster. You remember the Keymaster, right? Next to the host, the Keymaster is the most important person at the party because he/she is the person who collects everyone’s keys when they arrive and then gets to decide who’s too drunk to get their keys back when they try to leave. The host may set the party up and keep it going, but the Keymaster controls who leaves the party and how.

Even without his big red marker and fifty-state map, Chuck Todd still managed to be responsible for the most exciting moments of MSNBC’s coverage of the Rules and Bylaws Committee meeting (because anything with the word “committee” in the title is guaranteed to be a snooze-fest). Not only did he damn near single-handedly bring the committee back from the World’s Longest Lunch (I mean, how awesome was it that he was in the middle of reporting intel that he was receiving about the Michigan and Florida deals and then, suddenly, the committee starts filing back into the room as if he conjured them up), but then he later pronounced emphatically “This is Barack Obama’s party now.”

Did everyone hear that? The Keymaster has spoken, and if he deems you sober enough to leave, it’s time for you to go home. And if you’re too drunk, he’ll find you a ride. Give the man a red marker and a dry erase board, and he’ll organize the whole thing. Harold Ickes? No way you’re getting your keys back, Dude—somebody obviously spiked your Haterade during that twelve-hour lunch because you seem a little cranky. Anyone want to give Harold a ride? Anyone? How about one of you Clinton supporters? Wait…bad idea, because most of you seem like you’ve had a little too much as well. Norah O’Donnell—wanna give these folks a ride? You’re obviously sober, being about fifteen months pregnant and all (and, seriously, I want to know what kind of deal Norah O’Donnell has with the devil that even at 9:30 in the morning and pregnant she still gets to look like she just stepped off the set of Sex and the City. Not. fair.). Andrea Mitchell—you get to take everyone who won’t fit in Norah’s car. Sorry, but that’s what you get for that jab about protecting The Chuck from the screaming Clinton supporters.

The Chuck does not need your protection.

The Chuck is The Keymaster.

Hope your car has a big back seat.

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Lenore said...

Great post. Interesting that those who have the wisdom, insight and keen observational skills to be fans of The Chuck are also supporters of Sen. Obama. :-)

Anonymous said...

I don't think that Chuck Todd fans are necessarily supporters of Obama,I'm a CT fan because while Chris "I got a f-ed up opinion somewhere in this jacket" Matthews and Pat "I really think Clinton's the one" Buchanan, CT looks at them like they just grew six heads a piece and says, "The numbers are everything." If the shoe were on the other foot, and Hillary was the one winning, he'd still say the same thing.

That's why I like The Chuck. It's not about demographics, or who got the hispanic or blue-collar vote. It's the numbers stupid. You don't go to a baseball game and say "The Yankees would win if african-americans would cheer louder." You say, "The Yankees would win if they got more runs."

Viva Chuck!

Gloria said...

I only just stumbled upon your "Viva Chuck Todd" blog a couple of days ago, but I feel like I'm home already! Great post, and to speak to lenore's comment, you're right, there is an interesting connection. Maybe the spark between us (Obama supporters) and Chuck first ignited because we loved the numbers he was quoting. I know for myself, once I realized that I was watching Chris Matthews, and Keith Olbermann and impatiently waiting for them to bring out the Chuckster! (sigh...) Intelligence is such an aphrodisiac! ;-b