Monday, June 2, 2008

Stripes are back and then some, bravo!

As Mr. Todd's star rises, so do his ensembles in their sophistication and presentation.

This evening during his appearance on Countdown with Keith Olbermann (another fellow who certainly knows his way around your better Gotham haberdasheries), Mr. Todd graced us with a bold and some might say provocative pinstripe suit. The actual pinstripe pattern departed from the norm by being variegated in width. The pattern was brought to heel by the rich midnight blue of the suit. Letting the suit pattern take the lead, the shirt choice was smart and safe in that is was a simple solid Reykjavik-frost blue silk dress shirt with a wide spread 3" points collar.

It was unfortunate that Mr. Todd chose to go with a standard four-in-hand knot and not the classic Windsor knot. The gorge was rendered anemic by this choice and brought too much notice to the albeit sumptuous yet ever so slightly distracting sheen of his shirt. We would've also preferred French cuffs and sterling cuff links for Mr. Todd which would have taken advantage of the camera angles that involved both he and Mr. Olbermann. We were rendered aghast by shoulder puckering that we can only hope has led to the dismissal of the tailor responsible.

All in all, it was one more successful step in the ascension of Mr. Todd's fashion journey from disheveled wonk to sleek professorial media star.

A big "gracias" to
field fashion correspondent, Devon O'Toole


ChuckyT said...

Loved the suit last night! WOW, Chuck looked might handsome!

Nora said...

I'll second that. He looked great this morning too, even as he was popping a chocolate Munchkin in his mouth :-D
Looking forward to a final primary evening with The Chuck.

Anonymous said...

Not saying that he didn't look sharp... Come on! This is The Chuck we're talking about. He could have come out dressed in a toga, carrying a 2/3 empty bottle of Jack and he'd still be the smartest guy in political punditry, if such an offensive title worked for him.

ChuckyT said...

amaducias, you are correct, he is by FAR AND WIDE the smartest pundit ever.
It's just that I seem to have a HUGE crush on Chuck Todd. He's just the hottest thing on TV right now! Wow, the thought of Chuck in a toga...;)

G said...

I have to disagree on the knot commentary. Mr. Todd has a rather large head and likely a thick neck as well. I would agree that the four in hand is a bit thin for a spread collar shirt, which I believe was a very poor choice, so I feel that a half Windsor knot would be the appropriate choice. A full Windsor would be too bulky and draw attention to his dimensions. The full Windsor eats up so much tie that larger men have to buy extra long ties in order to use that knot lest they wind up with several inches of shirt between their belt and the tips of the tie.

Anonymous said...

First, g, you are probably correct. I doubt chuck chose his wardrobe, though I am sure he could afford it. He seems to be a guy who is not comfortable in a tie, but wears one for work.

chuckyt, I too have to admit, I have a mancrush on The Chuck. Were I woman, I too would have to bear him children, and Mark Murray's, and Domenico Montanaro's, because the current crop of Chuck e-cards seem to indicate that may be required. Chuck's child would be my favorite.