Friday, June 27, 2008

Morning Joe Mug Scandal: Day Four
- the denouement

We felt we had played all of our cards regarding the dust-up surrounding morning show mugs. Tuesday, Viva Chuck Todd pointed out that The Chuck drank from a bland Today Show mug. Joe Scarborough "borrowed" our schtick the very next day to crack wise with Chuck about not drinking from a Morning Joe mug. And since, a tense silence. In the ashes of this conflict it was as if the general public cried out for unity and The Chuck heard them, stepping in and calming the waters this morning.

In quite a superlative performance by The Chuck this morning on Morning Joe, The Chuck explained how the agricultural Mid-West is trending Obama and McCain's only real shot for some serious electoral votes is to win two out of the three Southwest states (Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada) and/or bring on Tom Ridge or Mitt Romney to make a play for the rust belt states of Michigan and Pennsylvania. Insightful, innovative political thought and what we've come to expect from the sharpest mind in politics.

During this segment though, The Chuck, once again took a sip from a Today Show mug in plain view. It was quick yet deliberate and oh so clever. After a Viva Chuck Todd staff meeting and consultation with two retired CIA operatives skilled in non-verbal communication, we were able to determine with great certainty that The Chuck was sending us a message.

The message was one of authority and compassion. After careful examination, we were able to interpret the body language and context. The following is the translated message: I hear you and I know you want me to drink out of a Viva Chuck Todd mug on-air but I cannot. But as a sign of solidarity to my fans, I will keep drinking out of this crucible of mediocrity {i.e Today Show mug} never giving Scarborough the satisfaction of using his damn Morning Joe mug - end message. And with a raised eyebrow, The Chuck set the Today Show mug down and went back to work. Genius.

We should have known better. We should have held fast to our faith and known that The Chuck had reasons beyond our grasp for what he does.

This story has an even happier ending. Shortly after The Chuck's communique, we received an email from an extremely reliable source to the effect that The Chuck uses Viva Chuck Todd mugs at home. Upon learning this, the editorial staff quietly wept tears of pride. A byproduct of this elation led us to immediately dispatch a half-dozen Viva Chuck Todd mugs of different styles to the offices of Morning Joe with our compliments.

There never was a prettier olive branch.


Anonymous said...

I employ all of you Chuckie T fans to email Morning Joe and advise them to use the "Chuck Todd" mugs. Let's get a campaign going to get this done!!

Come on...... Let's do it!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL, I emailed Morning Joe a few days ago, with links to the mugs and more "personal" items! Great minds and all. :)

Devon said...

I'm with you guys. We need to make our voices known to the Morning Joe crew and demand "no mug, no justice".

Willie, help us out!

Anonymous said...

The Chuck is humble. He does not toot his own horn. I feared that this incident might have set him off in some way from his obviously loving fans. Remember the first commandment: The Chuck is always right. His motives are sometimes mysterious, and he may sometimes be harsh in judgment, but in the big picture he will never disappoint us.

By the way, I loved "crucible of mediocrity"

Anonymous said...

Amaducias is right! The Chuck is very humble and I bet he is not sure how to take his new found fame/fan club- although, I am sure he appreciates his Chuckolytes. Right now while decisions are being made to fill the big and O' so awesome shoes of Tim R., it is important to show Chuckie T that we back him. Joe at Morning Joe will come through for us.

When will we hear from Chuck's G again?

The Tap by The Zoelando Magazine said...

The Chuckster is always sending signals... you guys are just catching on?

Melinda said...

Okay, I have to say that this is by far the funniest damn blog around - you guys are slaying me. I'm sure peace will soon be brokered between Viva Chuck Todd and Morning Joe.

They should just have whoever runs Viva Chuck Todd come on the air and shake Joe's hand like MIddle East talks.

Anonymous said...

SUH-WEET idea Melinda!!! If anyone from Morning Joe reads this blog.... ppppllllleeeaaazzzz..... pass this idea along. Viva Chuck Prez. needs to go on the show. Heck Yah! The same day the Chuckster is on!!!

sportsmom said...


Tristan said...

Here, here Melinda. I think you hit the nail on the head with that one. Viva Chuck Todd rep makes peace with the man that stole the mug bit.

And maybe whoever runs Viva Chuck Todd can get Joe to quit calling us "Kids on the Web" and saying we call Chuck Todd "Chucky T". I want to throw my Viva Chuck Todd mug at the tv everytime Joe does that.

Lenore said...

For those reading this who don't already know, Chuck will be on Meet the Press tomorrow. If he's there in person — in Wyoming! — I think he's obligated to drink from an MTP mug. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lenore!

He's also hosting another Newsvine chat, if anyone has some political questions for him.

boy said...

It's imperative that the handlers of VCT and Morning Joe start the peace talks before President Bush gets impatient and forces peace on both parties. Chuck Todd is many things, but I fear bomb resistant is not one of them.