Saturday, May 31, 2008

Chuck Todd-Y Drinking Game

Thank god for our field correspondents. I received the below email minutes ago and realized that this is exactly what online communities are designed for: coming up with a Chuck Todd-themed drinking game!
Wow, is this RBC thing boring.
Been racking my brain all day trying to figure out the rules and regulations for a Chuck Todd drinking game. I have a few ideas but would love to get lots more input from the group.

Any ideas out there?

Viva Chuck Todd!

Field Correspondent and 2009 Viva Chuck Todd-fest Bartender


stephanie said...

well, there's always the obvious, have a drink every time The Chuck enters the scene. then you could have another drink every time he makes one or more people look like a chump by offering quiet, dignified logic in the face of mindless yammering. and maybe another drink any time matthews (or anyone else) makes a goofy analogy of their relationship with The Chuck ("spock to my kirk," etc).

excellent idea. cheers! ^^

Kisha said...

Love the site, it was well over due. I get chills envisioning Chuck Todd using CNN's delegate board!!

Have you seen Chuckie's youtube uploads when he was a commentator on hotline tv?

Amy Martin said...

Take a drink anytime The Chuck says "You got it."

Anonymous said...

In reference to Kisha's CNN reference

everyone should email phil griffin at MSNBC

demanding he give Chuck the board!!!

Adam J. Cohen said...

I think that everytime he "goes to the map" and starts writing a number, sip your beer/malt. Take a shot when he circles a state.