Thursday, June 5, 2008

Chuck Todd Wisdom: On Age

As it's been said in an earlier post, The Chuck has pretty much called the election or at the very least summarized the electoral college map as it will stand come October, barring some candidate pooch-screw moment. His abilities of portent allow us all to enjoy the summer and leave the speculation to those not informed about the powers of The Chuck.

On tonight's Countdown with Keith Olbermann, The Chuck laid out that some key swing states Obama over-performed in (GA, MI, LA, NC, IA and MO) would likely end up in his column come the general election. He also stated that McCain might have a shot at fewer states and Oregon might be one of them. I single out Oregon because The Chuck referred to it as "Quirky". We have since taken Portland out of the running for the 2009 Viva Chuck Todd-Fest locale because Oregonians do not like being referred to as "quirky". We all know they're batsh*t up there, just don't call'em on it.

When the topic of McCain's age crept into the conversation, The Chuck did not rely on bromidic formulae (like Peggy Noonan reads this blog), but instead dispensed with profundity becoming genius. "Age doesn't work if you don't show'em that you're old", The Chuck intoned. So John McCain take note of The Chuck's wisdom, we expect to see you shopping at Hollister tomorrow, playing Grand Theft Auto IV on your bus and hosting the MTV Video Music Awards in the Fall.


Loraine said...

I think McCain's super-cool sunglasses will throw everyone off the trail off him being ancient!