Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Newsvine Q&A: The Chuck finds us "flattering", "bizarre" and "puzzling"

The Chuck once again handled his fanbase like a pro. Check out the entire chat by clicking here.
According to The Chuck, this is going to be a weekly thing so we will do our part by providing links and notable excerpts from all his Newsvine events. Especially if random Chuckolytes keep name-dropping Viva Chuck Todd like kalelsd did as evidenced above - nice going.

Big Viva Chuck Todd gracias
to Elaine B for tipping us off on this one


boy said...

-cries- NOOOOOOOOOO! I'll be at work! If anyone would be willing to recap, or copy and paste, or in some other way share this momentous occasion with me, i'd love you forever. I've nothing to give you but digi-hugs, love, and a million thank yous!
My e-mail is Everybodyzfool06@aol.com

Feel free to E-mail it regardless. Gotta go! Chuck is on!

Elaine B said...

Hi boy,
The Q&A stays up indefinitely. The easiest way to access it is to go to http://chucktodd.newsvine.com.

Most of the time, someone from MSNBC will clip Chuck's answers and put them at the front of the Q&A session. It looks like this may be a fairly regular occurrence.

You can also see all his prior articles at this address, add him as a friend, etc.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Chuckolyte? Wow I feel all gooey inside.