Monday, June 23, 2008

Top Ten Signs of Chuck Todd Withdrawl
by Amy Martin

With primary season over, Chuckolytes are seeing a lot less of the Chuckster on the TeeVee these days. Therefore, fans of Chuckie T may find themselves experiencing symptoms of Chuck Todd Withdrawl.

How do you know if you’re experiencing Chuck Todd Withdrawl? Check to see if you are suffering from any of the symptoms below and if so, please set your web browser home page to Viva Chuck Todd immediately.

The Top Ten Signs of Chuck Todd Withdrawl are:
  1. You find yourself staring wistfully at maps of the United States.
  2. You find yourself signing documents with a big red dry-erase marker.
  3. You find yourself thinking about growing a goatee (men) or wishing you could (women).
  4. You start taking sick days from work so you can watch MSNBC from Morning Joe until Verdict, hoping for just the briefest glimpse of The Chuck.
  5. You see Chuck Norris and yell “Chuck Todd!” and then say “Oh…wait…never mind…”
  6. You set MSNBC’s “First Read” as your web browser’s default home page and refresh every ten seconds.
  7. You find yourself missing Chris Matthews calling Chuck the Spock to his Kirk.
  8. You find yourself saying “You got it” whenever your friends thank you for something.
  9. You find yourself applying “delegate math” to everything (”My checkbook will balance once crucial counties around Philadelphia have reported.”)
  10. And the Number One sign of Chuck Todd Withdrawl:
    You find yourself watching Pat Buchanan and thinking “You know, maybe this guy’s okay after all.”
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Anonymous said...

Oh my God!!! I said the Pat Buchanan thing this morning.

Anonymous said...

Man, I am having definite Chuck withdrawal.

Chuck hasn't been doing First Read or the new thing, "Next Read" (no offense to Mark Murray, who is clearly a nice guy). If there's no Chuck, why bother to record this stuff? I'm already fast-forwarding through 3 hours of Morning Joe just to get my mere 10 minutes of Chuck insight.

Please MSNBC, have some pity on us and give us a little more Chuckie T!

Anonymous said...

I saw The Chuck this morning. Just a little more chipper than before. He even threw in a reference to Ol' Man Barnicle and Paddy Buchanan being the old geezers from the Muppet Show again.

thechuckbartendero8 said...

I know I've got it bad.

I find myself while I'm driving, circling towns on my GPS screen with a dry erase marker mumbling things like, "If these two towns go Obama, it's over."

Have also contacted a lawyer to look into legally changing my name to Chuck Todd.