Saturday, May 31, 2008

Chuck Todd-Y Drinking Game

Thank god for our field correspondents. I received the below email minutes ago and realized that this is exactly what online communities are designed for: coming up with a Chuck Todd-themed drinking game!
Wow, is this RBC thing boring.
Been racking my brain all day trying to figure out the rules and regulations for a Chuck Todd drinking game. I have a few ideas but would love to get lots more input from the group.

Any ideas out there?

Viva Chuck Todd!

Field Correspondent and 2009 Viva Chuck Todd-fest Bartender

"Concede to the Math"

Once all the bluster and passion left for lunch. The Chuck quietly gave Senator Clinton her out. "Concede to the math; not to Obama". Whether or not that's in the cards remains to be seen, but her advisors have to see a silver lining in the simplicity of Chuck's point that there is a nuanced and face-saving grace that awaits her if she decides to end her campaign this week. It was another classic Chuck Todd moment: succinct, unassuming and brilliant.

The Greatest Endorsement We Could Ever Get - Chuck Todd's Grandmother

Behold. Above is an actual screenshot of the email we received yesterday.

After politely replying to her with some skepticism, we'll just merely state that it took one email for Dorothy to put our cynical minds to rest. She was a pleasure to correspond with and an honor to meet (albeit online). And, we kid you not; she concluded one of her emails with this valediction: "Chuck's grandmother, hereafter known as Chuck's G".


Friday, May 30, 2008

Cutest Chuck Todd Fan Story...Ever.

I thought my 5-year old dumpling, who literally kisses the screen whenever Chuck Todd appears, was his youngest fan, but it looks like he's got a couple young fans too.

Whenever my daughter won't come when I call her, I tell her Chuck Todd is on TV and she comes a-runnin'! And she used to be afraid of guys with beards until The Chuck as well, so he cures phobias as well.

A Viva Chuck Todd Gracias to Field Reporter Dina

Oh and Dina, I think I speak for everyone reading that we need to see a picture of this adorable and well-placed devotion - the editors

A Little Pre-Primary-Pallooza Reading Material on the Chuck

Hi, I thought you might be interested in these links to maybe post for other fans to check out:
A Viva Chuck Todd Gracias to Archivist Lenore K

Primary Pallooza This Weekend!

The Chuck is going to be at my house this weekend, and yours, and yours and yours!

With so many Chuckolytes enjoying 96 hours of coverage generously peppered with the sagacity and wit of The Chuck, we thought we'd open up the party and invite everyone to write us and give their favorite Primary Pallooza/Chuck Todd moment(s). Either leave comments or send your sizzling copy here.

Thanks to Willie, Mika and the Morning Joe crew for making us feel like part of the show and in turn, dropping new people off on the shores of . And to those who wrote us and contributed, thank you for the very cool and generous words of support. But please know that this site is yours as well. Send us your video, words or art and we'll post it making The Chuck proud or at least blush the next time one of his on-air associates busts his balls for having a goofy fansite.

Same Chuck Time, Same Chuck Channel

Apparently, The Chuck is also the Caped Crusader. The jury's still out over here whether that is indeed the case because it's felt The Chuck's pecs and biceps would be much more defined. Now Cilliza as The Chuck's Robin? It's so obvious Chris, why even wear the mask?
A Viva Chuck Todd Gracias to BobbleheadElection/clinton_superdelegates@

Thursday, May 29, 2008

OBEY CHUCK TODD Donated to the gallery by Steve Fireball of

SUH-WEET! Viva Chuck Todd gets mentioned (twice!) on MSNBC's Morning Joe

While lying on the couch this morning trying to figure out how to get the day started, MSNBC's Morning Joe owned the TV. Morning Joe is always a good place for an early Chuck Todd sighting. And sure enough, the promo for Chuck Todd coming on next graced the screen. I sat awaiting The Chuck (as he will be called from here on in) with notepad in hand and ready to do the Lord's work in documenting whatever bon mot The Chuck had for our nation this fine Thursday morning. Next thing I know, man-boy Willie Geist introduces The Chuck as well as mentions Viva Chuck Todd! Not only mentions it, but shows a screenshot of the site! All which immediately led to panicked slapstick fumbling of the DVR remote and crazed running to the bedroom to wake the wife with the always soothing "get up! get up! get up! you have to see this!"

And there it was (while angels sang) the front page of Viva Chuck Todd on the TV screen for all to see. As if it couldn't get better, after the segment ran, Brzezinski, Geist and Barnacle said goodbye to The Chuck and the producers wisely chose to close the bit with another screenshot of Viva Chuck Todd!

I wept.

UPDATE: According to field correspondent, we just received this report:

"Dude -- you've been asleep at the wheel. The Morning Joe crew (Mika and Willie) mentioned it even more extensively yesterday. Today was just a callback reference to the coverage you got yesterday...."

If anyone has this on video or even a description of this first sighting, send them our way. There's some Viva Chuck Todd swag in it for you.

(video of this morning's mention to be posted soon)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

If It's a Primary, That Means It's Chuck Todd Tuesday!

Sporting a snappy navy blue pinstripe number, Chuck threw out the numbers as only he could do; authoritatively with both wit and sagacity belying his youth. Though underneath it all, experienced Chuck Todd watchers could see him desperately trying to get people to listen to him through veiled statements based on electoral mathematics and prognostication that Senator Clinton's chances are virtually nil and that she is being a petulant and disruptive harpy anxiously trying to jettison her remaining dignity. Or I could be projecting.

Things in fact got a little tense with Howard Fineman early in the evening on Hardball with Chris Matthews when he vociferously disagreed with Fineman on the motives of the pain in the ass Senator form New York. Howard sees her going full-blown Machiavellian and becoming cavalier and disingenuous in her efforts to help get Obama elected in the general thus paving an easier road for her in 2012. Chuck T shook his head while in split-screen and visibly disagreed with the ultimate election season name-dropper Fineman. Chuck felt that although devious, the Clintons could no way allow themselves to be seen as spoilers to the ascension of Obama. Here here Chuck. As always you're right on the money...bravo.

A little later, our crazy uncles Matthews and Olbermann stumbled into introducing Chuck with all the elegance of a drunk pissing off a deck in high seas by making some kind of weak segue out of "election numbers" and some nonsense about the "naked truth", that was soon twisted into a joke by Keith about Chuck's new show "By The Naked Truth with Chuck Todd". I think I speak for everyone who reads this blog; we love the Chuckster, but man, "naked" and "Chuck Todd" should never be imagined together, even in jest.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Chuck Todd Fact #27

When Chuck Todd signs off with "You Got It"; you better damn well have it.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Chuck Todd Facial Expression #76

Chuck Todd Facial Expression Translation: What the F%$# did you say Russert?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Chuck Todd Experience
by Viva Chuck Todd Field Correspondent -
Amy Martin

In an election season filled with pundits yapping on our TeeVee screens like a bunch of ankle-biting poodles, Chuck Todd is the majestic Golden Retriever who enters the room, nudges your hand, then politely walks away.

When the talking heads are yelling and screaming at each other (memo to Chris Matthews and Pat Buchanan–we can hear you, so dial it down a notch, okay?) and I’m about at the point of yelling and screaming at them, my head on the verge of exploding from trying to process all the useless back and forth and my jaw clenched tightly enough to wear down my fillings, someone suddenly says “Let’s turn it over to Chuck Todd for a check of the delegate count.”

And I exhale, the boiling blood draining from my face at the sight of Chuck Todd standing in front of what looks like the world’s most complicated overhead projector, dry erase marker in hand, ready to hurt you with the sweet, sweet pain of incontrovertible math. He circles a few key counties that have yet to report, he writes the projected delegate pick-up near the candidates’ names, and then he offers some analysis (which is occasionally hilarious, such as last night when he highlighed West Virginia on the map and then said something along the lines of “Hillary Clinton is projected to win in these key areas of West Virginia.” Then he circled the entire state. Brilliant.). Then he tosses back to Chris Matthews, who proceeds to spend the next twenty minutes foaming at the mouth about how he knows everything to know about Pennsylvania because he grew up there and how he’s a North Carolina insider because he went to college at Chapel Hill, all while Keith Olbermann looks slightly bemused.

Chuck Todd never yells (although he does occasionally look slightly bemused, which is probably unavoidable for the vast majority of MSNBC employees who have to share air space with Chris Matthews and Joe Scarborough). Chuck Todd doesn’t have to yell. His dry-erase map of the U.S. and his big red marker speak the truth, and when you speak the truth, you don’t feel the need to scream about it.

I actually had to laugh a little at reading how befuddled Chuck Todd seems to be by his newfound celebrity given that he’s practically a rock star at my house. My spouse and I watch election coverage and find ourselves saying “Where’s Chuck Todd? How come Chuck Todd hasn’t been on yet?” if the broadcast seems to have gone on too long before an appearance from The Chuck. And when he finally emerges, we both yell “Chuck Todd!” as if we’re sitting in a bar and one of our old college drinking buddies has just walked in, the one who was mild-mannered and had good stories and always knew when he’d had enough, unlike Buchanan, who’s passed out cold at the end of the bar, and Matthews, who’s just puked vodka on your shoes and is screaming at the barkeep that he can handle one more drink, and Scarborough, who’s slurring and hitting on the ladies and is too much of a dick to spring for cab fare home even though it was his stupid idea that everyone go out in the first place.

So now, to that long, improbable “Things to Do Before I Die” list of mine (not long after “Sit front row at a Dave Matthews Band concert” but definitely way before “Pay off my stupid car”) I’d like to add “Have a beer with Chuck Todd.” I’d bet he could fascinate me for hours with a discussion of the significance of the demographic breakdown of California’s congressional districts. And I can only imagine the stories he could tell about his co-workers after a brewski or two.

More Amy Martin can be found at her own blog, The Aimster Blog

Monday, May 12, 2008

Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post throws our boy some props

In a nice little human interest piece, Howard Kurtz paints a quaint and flattering picture of the Chuckster. The best part is reading about rowdy drunken political debates in the Todd family home. Check it

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Point of Order Matthews: You are no Kirk to Chuck Todd's Spock

"I feel like Captain Kirk sometimes and you're Mr. Spock."

That's what Chris Matthews said as an introduction bringing Todd into the discussion of the North Carolina/Indiana primaries. I would like to point out that this was a prime example of Mr. Matthews frequent delusions of grandeur and hackneyed pop culture references. To further elucidate, Chris Matthews could never be Kirk to Todd's Spock for the following reasons:
  1. Matthews in his wildest fantasies would never be able to take down a Gorn - Todd could, no problem
  2. Todd looks way better in mustard-colored lycra long sleeve Federation t-shirts than Matthews ever could (even after the bout with Malaria)
  3. Kirk got the chicks - need I say more?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Chuck Todd on Charlie Rose

Chuck educating the hardest man on TV to educate - Charlie Rose ("Google - Yahoo")

VIVA CHUCK TODD Launches Today!

Viva Chuck Todd is an online salute to one of the smartest guys on television who actually makes sense amidst a sometimes senseless campaign season. Chuck Todd is the NBC Political Director frequently seen on Hardball, Countdown with Keith Olbermann, Morning Joe, NBC Nightly News and the Today Show.

And let's get something straight: This site is not affiliated, on the take, etc. from MSNBC or Chuck Todd. We're just some people who think Chuck Todd is a cool cat and a breath of fresh air. We are also people who spend entirely too much time watching politics.