Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Ask Chuck's G:
How did she vote on The Chuck's facial hair?
yea or nea?

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Anonymous said...

"He can do no wrong" Isn't that the essence of this site. Bravo!

Anonymous said...

I think we all agree that Chuck Todd needs his own TV show. He needs to be the man sitting in the "big seat" at all times.
with or without the facial hair!

Loraine said...

His own show would be great....he could replace Verdict with Dan Abrams. No offense to Abrams fans but that show is almost unbearable.

Dina said...

What Loraine said. I used to have a sort of news-geek crush on Dan Abrams, but that show is unbearable. And what's with his every-chaning hair? Go gray or don't.

Maria said...

I agree with G! Chuck can do no wrong!

stephanie said...

i agree, he could replace dan abrams...or david gregory's "race for the white house." no disrespect to david, but most of the time the only good thing about his show is rachel maddow. if they were to give that hour to The Chuck AND rachel...

i can't even fathom the awesomeness. the mind doth boggle. =D

thanks, Chuck's G!