Sunday, June 22, 2008

Montana Can Wait:
Tom Brokaw gets the MTP chair through 2008 election

A decision like this makes the past week's speculation seem juvenile and vulgar. Of course Brokaw was going to moderate Meet The Press; what were we thinking? The voice, the Beltway gravitas and the friendship between him and Russert almost vaults this into something of a Greek tragedy: The other warrior king emerges from retirement to carry on the fight with the eventual denouement being a proper laying down of his comrade's shield who fell in the midst of battle.

Our best wishes to Mr. Brokaw and the MTP team - Go get'em.


(New York) – June 22, 2008 – Beginning on Sunday, June 29, NBC News’ Tom Brokaw will serve as moderator of “Meet the Press” through the 2008 presidential election. The broadcast will continue to originate from the NBC News Bureau in Washington D.C. The announcement was made today by NBC News President Steve Capus.


Anonymous said...

This was a good temporary decision that buys time and allows everyone to adjust to the idea of a new host. It also will let NBC test drive several contenders to see who best keeps the spirit of Russert alive.

I'm personally glad they are not making a permanent decision right now.

Adam J. Cohen said...

I'm glad to see this decision as it is as a interim decision. I think that he's the fit that's needed at the time as an elder statesman and respected news presence in this heated electoral season, and that he'd be the right welcomed face behind the table.

I had heard the other day with Olbermann had someone from the NY Post on his worst persons because there was talk of Matthews/Olbermann for the position, both of which have declined and have no desire for it as per Olbermann's report, and I'm glad to hear it. While I like both of their reportings, they don't have the style that I imagine needed for it.

However, as a whole? I think while Brokaw is great to have in the seat and it gives them time to train someone from the backroom to put full time and prime time... Another no-named Russert to come up from obscurity and move on. I'd like to say that Todd is that role, but not now... Maybe in November... Maybe in November...

MovieMom said...

Slightly off topic - but am I the only one who has noticed that MSNBC has removed Tim Russert from their cycle of voice over ads promoting the meaning of voting for their "Place for Politics" promos?

His image is gone and they have not been using his voice over. I may be the lone wolf here, but I think that is a mistake. Anyone who is a political junkie and/or watches MSNBC associates this election to Tim and even with his passing I think they should honor that.

Anonymous said...

Moviemom, I did notice that as well, but I also read somewhere that Russert's voice will continue to be used on the intro to MTP. I can't recall where I read it, but it was in one of the many articles re Brokaw that I read yesterday.

I noticed on Chuck's MSNBC MySpace page, Tim Russert was still listed as one of his top "friends" but as "Tim Russert, In Memoriam". Hopefully, that indicates his image will still be around some. :)

Anonymous said...

I too noticed Tim's absence in the promos. I understand the impulse to remove him from the promos, (seems like this is standard operating procedure for any commercial) but Tim was such a part of the political coverage (Florida! Florida! Florida!).

I think that in honor of Tim, his whiteboard should be moved from the Newseum,to the NBC News Studios on election night, and rest in a place of honor, so that a piece of him and a piece of election night history will be there on the night he would have loved so much to be a part of.