Friday, August 29, 2008

Viva Chuck Todd shout out from DailyKos founder, Markos Moulitsas

So we crashed The Big Tent in Denver and found the man of the hour, DailyKos founder, Markos Moulitsas signing his new book, Taking On the System: Rules for Radical Change in a Digital Era. We had to get in his face and present him with some Viva Chuck Todd schwag. Being the solid and accommodating chap he is, he agreed to give a shout out to the Viva Chuck Todd fans. Okay fine, it's obvious he didn't know who the hell we were, but he gets major points in our book for playing along.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Viva Chuck Todd staff visits the set of Morning Joe in the Mile High City crawling with Democrats

It's been a bit of a whirlwind for the Viva Chuck Todd staff since we touched down in Denver yesterday. Yes, you are correct in the fact that we were supposed to fly out last Saturday, but poor managerial skills by our office manager Kelly resulted in her delegating the travel booking responsibilities to one of the interns; who in turn booked us tickets to the Republican Convention in St. Paul leaving last Saturday. Yep, she transposed the events and dates and gave us literally tickets to nowhere (no offense St. Paul).

So we finally made it to the mile high city and got to see history first-hand. And that history would be a live Morning Joe taping at Sam's #3 diner in Downtown Denver. Angels sang as we walked through the door and saw the lights, the cameras and the back of Scarborough and Mika's heads. Through the glare we were able to see our man Willie and Ol' Man Barnacle. Simply...we wept. Once we composed ourselves, we split into teams to notify the appropriate people that the staff of Viva Chuck Todd had arrived. It's not presumptuous, that's just the way we roll.

And let us just say right now, that there were never a more hospitable group of people than the Morning Joe staff and their guests. We met everyone. Scarborough, Mika, Ol' Man Barnacle, David Schuster, Jonathan Capehart, Andrea Mitchell, Courtney Hazelet and of course, Our Man Willie. Who, lit up and welcomed us like a family member when we introduced ourselves. When presented with their Chuckloyte packets, Both Joe and Willie sincerely enjoyed getting their honorary Chuckolyte cards and Joe slapped his Chuckolyte pin on his lapel immediately. Willie in fact gave us a moment of his valuable time to personally address the Viva Chuck Todd fans along with the lovely Ms. Hazelett.

Once the excitement of being in the presence of such 21st Century media greatness ebbed, we realized that there were a couple of people who, shall we say, we have been less than cricket with. The first being Ol' Man Barnacle. Our editor Paul was chatting it up with him in quite a convivial manner which caused us to breathe a sigh of relief. It appears that Ol' Man Barnacle likes his curmudgeonly title and Viva Chuck Todd. He too enjoyed getting his Chuckolyte membership packet and shared some great Pat Buchanan stories with us. A true mensch.

Another chap we were a little nervous about confronting was Washington Post's Jonathan Capehart. Let's be frank, there's only so much ribbing a gentleman can take about his fashion sense. Well, Capehart laughed out loud in astonishment when our editor Paul introduced himself. Capehart, personable to say the least and was all quite good humored about the whole thing. The two of them even compared their silk Gordian knot cufflinks. Trust us, we rolled our eyes too. Capehart was kind enough to give us a moment of his time as well:

There's plenty more to report on what happened this morning, but we'll leave it there for right now. We have some absolutely plastered staff to scoop up and get into a taxi. But tomorrow we will be on the street in front of the MSNBC media megalith interviewing actual Chuck Todd fans and maybe we'll hear from the surprise MSNBC personality as well.

Monday, August 25, 2008

A day in the life of The Chuck:
The Chuck and his own personal political Ironman competition

As the first night of the 2008 Democratic National Convention comes to an end, it is inconceivable to believe Chuck Todd is going to survive the remainder of this week.

The man is superhuman. He shows up looking like the cat that swallowed the canary this morning on Morning Joe, simply beaming from the excitement of knowing that for the rest of the week he will be applying his gifts and opinions towards unfolding history. Hell, just the fact that he still had his hearing and a semblance of a voice after that mosh pit of a remote at Sams #3 diner where the Morning Joe crew was working from was a miracle in itself.

At 12:00pm EST he settled in nicely doing the anchor thing with some great guests such a former Governor of Virginia Mark Warner and presidential historian Michael Beschloss. After that it was a free-for-all for The Chuck popping in and out of everybody's broadcast all the way up till The Nightly News with Brian Williams. Believe it or not, the lad looked as fresh as he did 16 hours prior.

Below is a nice recap of the evening filed by Viva Chuck Todd Chief Field Correspondent, Lenore K.
7:11 p.m. ET
Chuck talked with Matthews about the Denver bubble they're in, saying the Clinton die-hards are a small group with a louder voice than numbers, and about how this is the British version of campaigning due to the 70-day sprint to the election, unless there's a days-long recount.

7:36 p.m. ET (following some Keith/Chris vs Joe unpleasantness)
Chuck with Keith —
Hillary. Again. The rollcall. Again.

After Keith launched into one of his endless multi-part questions, he got The Chuck smackdown: "Keith, you asked about eight questions. I'm going to try to answer a few of them."

He said the campaigns are working closely together on the rollcall, that the speeches are more contentious than the rollcall. That would seem to invite a follow-up question like, "How so, Chuck?" But no, apparently, the minds of Keith & Chris were elsewhere.

8:07 p.m. ET
Chuck talked about "the hidden hand of power of Nancy Pelosi," how she did a lot to shift the party away from the Clintons to Obama; how, while going after the superdelegates, the Clintons would still have had to get through a convention run by Pelosi & Dean, "two people who felt they never owed the Clintons anything."

10:08 p.m. ET
With Brian Williams —
Chuck talked about how modern conventions are defined by these moments (Kennedy speech), how there's a bigger thing [than the Clintons], how the keys to the party will be handed over to the Obamas even though Bill's still hanging on to them a bit.

10:28 p.m. ET
Chuck listed the three things Obama has to do this week: fill in the gaps (of his bio); create contrast with McCain; and create unity.

10:55 p.m. ET
Chuck said Michelle had a tough act to follow, but she was trying to connect with blue-collar voters, and with Hillary Clinton voters (because, I learned today, there's no more important bloc of voters in the whole world).

And in his 16th hour of work —
11:41 p.m. ET
Chuck said there'll be two memories from this convention: Obama's speech & Teddy Kennedy's, & the Clinton drama may fade into the background. Chris Matthews ended this segment with these insightful words: "I don't know how we could do any of this without Chuck Todd. He's the best. Chuck, you're the greatest."

Here here Matthews. We couldn't agree more.

Viva Chuck Poll:
who's the best 4th wheel on Morning Joe?

Back on August 5th we asked who would be the best 4th wheel (besides The Chuck) on the set of Morning Joe. Well, the results are in and the clear winner with 38% of the vote is "Anyone who tells Joe he's full of crap". Yep, anyone. Any warm body who'll sit across from Scarborough and call bull$#!& on him. Once again, the wisdom of our readers is frankly humbling. A strong second went to Ol' Man Barnacle with 28%. Third place went to Harold 'chuckles" Ford with 14% of the vote and the rest of the pack followed up with single digits.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Meet The Press 08/24/08:
The Chuck's game is solid for the week ahead

Although it will be hard for you to believe, we're going to be serious for a moment.

This morning's round table discussion on Meet The Press was one of Chuck Todd's finest moments. Not exceptional in what was discussed, but exceptional in how it was discussed and by whom. The Chuck sat down with three of the most respected journalists in the area of politics. Tom Brokaw, the lion sage with a trusted timbre and historically sentimental publishing cred that has gained him respect beyond his newscaster days. Gwen Ifill, host of PBS's Washington Week and Senior Washington Correspondent for the News Hour with Jim Lehrer was herself a front-runner seriously speculated on to inherit the Meet The Press chair in the days after Tim Russert's passing. Her strength and intelligence were never more apparent as in the 2004 Vice Presidential debates which she moderated. It was there she reined in a pugnacious Dick Cheney like a calm assertive school marm (gender be damned). And lastly but not least, John Meacham, Editor of Newsweek magazine and eloquent author of one of the more gifted theses on the influence of religion on the founding fathers. These three are not from your usual chattering class and The Chuck was holding his own right there with them.

In fact, each member of the panel at one time or another agreed or referenced a point The Chuck made prior. The Chuck was succinct, yet conversational and possessing the radiance of someone who still can't believe their good fortune.

The Chuck spoke of how the Democrats are beginning to bristle at the the McCain POW defense for all things sensitive to the GOP candidate. He also put into context what Biden is truly going to be from now till November 4th: "Obama hired himself a defense lawyer" Adding to that pithy summation that he was also going to be his working-class ambassador where in "one speech, he can sell the [Obama] biography better than Obama himself can do." Agreeing that The Chuck was right on the points mentioned, Meacham gave the Democrats some steel by imagining that a "Democratic Fight Club" has been established in light of their prospects and McCain's aggressiveness.

After discussing the tired but vexing question of Hillary voters and what they'll do, The Chuck complimented the McCain buzz machine for keeping in the news and probably pushing the Biden announcement to the last minute with headline jockeying stories such as Lieberman's consideration and the like. Brokaw brought up Colin Powell being floated as a potential McCain VP shortlist occupant. Everyone agreed this was dangerous and The Chuck offered up some great points to the group. One being that Powell is over 70 and that would be an immediate detriment and he also gave fantastic insight on how Powell should be pleased about the Biden pick considering the productive and friendly working relationship they shared back in the day. Meacham called it a "nightmare scenario" for McCain if Powell announces, after the convention dust settles, that he's endorsing Obama.

Brokaw closed the segment by half-joking but also making sure everybody knew that The Chuck would be on from midnight to midnight for the remainder of the week. The Chuck warmly shot back at Brokaw reminding him that he would be right there with him burning the midnight oil.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Christmas Morning in August

Christmas morning will come twice this year. The second time will be at its usual time in December; but for Chuckolytes, the first occurred this morning.

For most, it was an early morning that brought nothing but gifts to those of us that live for the politick, the drama and of course The Chuck. Yesterday NBC announced that it was going to be kicking the long-in-the-tooth Olympics to the curb and in place would be a day, a whole glorious day devoted to the Democratic Vice Presidential announcement.

It all started pre-dawn with an Alex Witt warm-up act. She handed out the new information with a sterile ease and had a couple of guests via satellite, one being Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart. Now before you roll your eyes, there was something newsworthy about Diva Capehart's appearance this morning. Get this people: he had no tie! There he sat with an open-collared dress shirt sans tie with the most generic looking white crewneck t-shirt (possibly a poly-blend no less) peeking through. "Diva Capehart almost looks butch!" Viva Chuck Todd fashion correspondent, Devon O'Toole shrieked in horror.

A golden moment in this MSNBC maelstrom was with our crazy uncles Matthews and Olbermann as they primed the prime-time pump with their goofy observations and non-sequiturs. The best came from preternaturally tan Uncle Chris Matthews when he used the words “striptease” and “climax” in the same sentence to reference the suspenseful build-up and explosion if you will of the Biden announcement. Cigarette anyone?

As if it couldn't get any better, the day was ushered in by our old friends, the cast of Morning Joe for a Special Edition of the aforementioned A.M. staple. Special, because as Joe said, “It wouldn’t be ‘special’ if Willie weren’t here.” We second that emotion Scarborough. And, as if to bookend the Capehart fashion fumble, Scarborough was wearing a tie (cats loved on dogs and birds flew backwards as a result).

And then, the moment we all waited for, The Chuck. Let's just say right now, any morning that has The Chuck chiming in every hour in a festive mood is our kind or morning. And this morning was that kind of morning. The first appearance of The Chuck had Scarborough introducing him in the usual fashion and then he said the following: "The kids are in the streets, they’ve got their t-shirts on, they’re eating salsa and chips and shouting Viva Chuck Todd!” We're not even going to try to wrap our brains around the salsa and chips reference.

The Chuck unfazed from his intro came to us from pre-dawn Denver looking alert and fresh giving a stunningly succinct yet copious rundown of the VPshortlist. No teleprompter, no referencing notes, just a smooth delivery of why Biden was chosen (“least amount of drama”). And why Bayh, Kaine, Sebelius, Dodd, Nunn and Edwards (Chet, that is) were the bridesmaids. Although, the Bush/Cheney antithetical comparison to Obama/Biden was a little disconcerting until you put it in the geek fan-boy context of the classic Star Trek episode where the goatee-flaunting evil Kirk and Spock from a parallel universe meld with the Enterprise in this...oh screw it, you know what he meant.

Alright, we have to wrap this up. We have a plane to catch to Denver.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Who's going to Denver?

The Viva Chuck Todd offices are abuzz. It's a combination of of the freakin' Olympics finally coming to an end and the political season getting defibrillated back to life with the Democratic National Convention next week.

What we'd really like to know is how many of you are going to be there next week?

Let us know.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Are you a Chuckolyte card holder?

So legions of Chuck Todd fans have signed up so far, have you?

We've been sending out cards and buttons to new members daily and have enjoyed meeting fans from all over the country. The most astonishing thing is that we've received membership requests from red states, blue states, conservatives, liberals and independents. Proving The Chuck is beyond the divides and is admired for his neutrality and the way he does his job.

We'd love to hear from the folks who have already received their membership packets. Leave some comments to let your uninitiated Chuckolyte brethren know what they're missing out on. Click on the little Chuckolyte icon below to find out how you can sign up today.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Wide World of Willie:
hammer throw and shotput

Our man Willie took it upon himself to once again display his physical gifts and show the world how it's done when it comes to the hammer throw and shotput...simply breathtaking.

Ask Chuck's G:
How's Chuck's G enjoying her stardom?

This week's installment of Ask Chuck's G is a two-fer. Apparently The Chuck and Rachel aren't the only ones rocketing to stardom. A good deal of the questions we've been getting lately have been asking Chuck's G how she's handling her newfound online adulation.

Ask Chuck's G is a Q&A format column published weekly
where Chuck Todd's Grandmother will answer reader's questions.
send your questions here
Be inquisitive, funny and courteous - it is Chuck's G after all.

The Atlantic's Andrew Sullivan likes what we're doing over here

We've always liked the cut of this man's jib; so by getting some props from him about Viva Chuck Todd and makes us downright giddy. Check out his blog if you haven't done so already. It should be on your daily reading list.

Again, thanks for the shout-out Andrew. Your honorary Chuckolyte membership card is in the mail.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rachel Maddow gets her own show on MSNBC

The crew over here at the Viva Chuck Todd offices can't but help feel proud that someone we've been a big fan of for a while finally got her shot.

It was announced today that starting September 8th, Rachel Maddow will debut her own show at 9:00pm est/6:00pm pst replacing Verdict with Dan Abrams.

MSNBC network president, Phil Griffin said it best, "This just completes our prime-time lineup. Our lineup makes sense now." Griffin went on to dispel the assumptions by some that Rachel's show would have a significant left-leaning bias, "We’re hiring Rachel because she’s a smart person. Rachel goes far beyond politics. She’s an expert on military affairs. She was a Rhodes scholar."

We challenge Roger Ailes to get behind a microphone and laud the academic credentials of his prime-time lineup.

Can we pick'em or what?
RADAR names TV's Most Powerful Pundits

Radar magazine is a favorite employee lounge read over here at the Viva Chuck Todd offices, so we were very pleased to see that they were giving it up for not only (#1) The Chuck, but (#3) Rachel Maddow and (#4) Scarborough as well. Whatever the hell Mike Huckabee and Gore 2000 saboteur Donna Brasile were doing on the same list we'll never know. But it was nice to see that a mainstream publication with a hilarious mean streak sees the pundit world the same way we do over here at VCT.

On the flipside of who's not hot, it was slightly sad to see Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews on the list, but you could definitely understand where Radar writer, Nick Curran was coming from. Olbermann could do nicely to finally lay-off the tired and borderline batsh*t crazy O'Reilly schtick and sweet jeezus, we too cannot wait for Matthews to start his Major Kong missile ride of a Pennsylvania senate run in 2010.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Who do you think Obama will pick?

So The Chuck let David Gregory enjoy his chair this past Sunday on Meet The Press, where he was also joined by the always lovely Andrea Mitchell and Joshua "Batman-kinda intense" Green from The Atlantic. It was all quite boilerplate and nothing new really. The Chuck set the tone by discussing his electoral map containing the "lean states" that Obama is "putting away" and the states that McCain is just holding onto. The round table discussion soon moved to the topic the pending VP announcements from both campaigns; Obama's presumably coming first. The group seemed to lean Biden. What say you?

Since Chuckolytes are some of the most politically astute individuals in America, we thought we'd get your choice for Obama's upcoming pick. This poll will run till the announcement:

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Los Angeles Times covers The Chuck's rising star and mentions Viva Chuck Todd

First off, welcome to all the new Chuckolytes who found their way here via the fantastic article on The Chuck in the Los Angeles Times. We hope you like what we've done with the place. Secondly, existing Chuckolytes, if you haven't seen it already, go get yourself a copy or read it here.

Frankly, we at the Viva Chuck Todd Weekend Desk are just glad our boss Paul didn't embarrass us in the article. And because of that fact, Monday should be a real treat listening to him go on blah, blah, blah on how he was quoted in the L.A. Times. It's not like he didn't do any damage. In the space of one paragraph he most likely got us chopped off of Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann's Christmas card list. Nice going boss, nice going.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

NEW from Cerebral Itch and Viva Chuck Todd:
Rachel Maddow e-cards

It's been a little quiet on The Chuck front, so we thought it was a perfect time to roll out one of our new spin-off products that we're pretty proud of: Viva Rachel Maddow e-cards.

Just like The Chuck's e-cards, they're free, sassy and look great on the iPhone. If you love Rachel as much as we do, start sending out the cards declaring your appreciation for the Wonder Woman to The Chuck's Superman (yeah, we know that was a tad over the top).

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Wide World of Willie:
Greco-Roman Wrestling

Our man Willie Geist apparently squeezed in a couple of human interest segments before he and Scarborough shot off to Guatemala to do the lord's work during their Olympics hiatus. The only complaint the girls (and some of the boys) here at the Viva Chuck Todd offices had was that this darling little piece didn't have Willie squeezing into a darling little piece called a wrestling singlet.

And Hillary could've won the lottery if she got all seven numbers too

"By my calculation, her chances at the nomination were less than 25 percent. And after Feb. 19, those odds dropped to around 10 percent."

That's the money quote from a marvelous article penned by The Chuck on the cacophony of speculation surrounding Hillary and her nomination victory in a parallel universe. More specifically, former Clinton campaign spokesman Howard Wolfson's bombastic claim that Clinton would have the nomination if Edwards peccadilloes came to light earlier this year.

The Chuck calls foul and draws an ingenious parallel to a certain "other" southern gentleman's indiscretions that if examined next to Edwards, could've possibly spelled doom for her campaign much, much earlier. Never let it be said that we think The Chuck is anything but neutral, but you have to laugh at how much The Chuck might've enjoyed writing this article when you consider how much The Chuck "respects" Wolfson and his keen political intellect. Who can forget the palatable restraint The Chuck showed while sitting next to Wolfson for a segment during the Democratic Rules Committee meeting in May. You could see The Chuck was a hair's breadth from screaming "bull$#!" at Wolfson and summoning security to have him removed.

The Chuck brings the goods...sans tie

In a web-only segment on, The Chuck brings his wisdom in discussing VP picks. Apparently The Chuck is enjoying his summer in the fact that he decided to dispense with the tie. Our fashion correspondent, Devon O'Toole says to go with a v-neck undershirt next time the tie is thrown aside with reckless abandon. A crew neck undershirt with no tie looks like you're doing the walk of shame.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Viva Chuck Todd Lexicon Watch:
Blog Fodder

Let's hear it for John Edwards for selflessly giving us something to talk about while Obama's in Hawaii and McCain is having his pudding. Unfortunately, The Chuck thought he'd at least have one morning to sleep in. No such luck thanks to the former presidential candidate pretty boy, Senator itchy-pants. And with that amazing segue, we give you today's Viva Chuck Todd Lexicon Watch word: Blog Fodder

ˈblg ˈfä-dər
Function: noun
Usage: colloquial
Etymology: Modern English - a synthesis of the contraction for a personalized online journal and expendable targets; here used in a literary context. First coined by Charles (Chuck) Todd circa early-21st century

1 a: A term used to describe a sensational story that will be voraciously consumed by bloggers and dismissed by conventional media 1 b: A photograph or video featuring a drunken starlet exiting a vehicle wearing no underwear.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Vote for The Chuck now on Fishbowl DC

The Chuck is in the running for Fishbowl DC's Hottest Media Types: Male on-air.

He's currently getting smoked by some local DC DJ and another guy. Obviously they've alerted their tiny little fanbase to vote, now it's our turn to show them all how it's done.

Go here and vote

Once you've voted, pass the word on and get others to vote. Frankly, there should be no contest on earth where victory is not The Chuck's. VOTE!

Big Viva Chuck Todd gracias to Jenny A. for the tip-off on this dealio

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Chuck owns the airwaves on Super Tuesday

Chuckolytes the world over were treated to a special day Tuesday. Not only was The Chuck on Morning Joe. Not only was he on Hardball; but he also anchored the 3pm EST/12pm PST Super Tuesday slot on MSNBC.

At 12:02pm EST, The Chuck dove head first into a one-on-one with DNC Chairman Howard Dean. We're not going to suck up and say it went smooth as glass. But we're also not going to tell you that there appeared to be a bug up Chairman Dean's ass that made him a cranky and combative interview subject. Maybe it was the laughably fake backdrop with the nondescript books or the fact that he was being interviewed by the one cat who was not going to succumb to his bombast. Either way, The Chuck showed a wonderful combination of journalistic aggression and congeniality that served him well.

After Dean, The Chuck hit his stride and jockeyed between passing it off for news breaks and continuing his Super Tuesday coverage that included Mr. Personality, Grover Norquist and a threadbare segment about women voters; especially those over 65 who are still bitter over Hillary and leaning towards McCain (yawn).

But, a gold star needs to be put on the paper belonging to the individual responsible for having The Chuck interview Frank Newport, Editor-in-Chief of the Gallup Poll. Those that follow The Chuck are well aware of his oft repeated phrase "live by the daily Gallup tracking poll, die by the daily Gallup tracking poll". So the fact that the one guy who could communicate to The Chuck to cease the bad-mouthing of his daily tracking poll squandered the opportunity and morphed into The Chuck's prison bride and was submissive and complimentary throughout the whole interview. The Chuck's raw power shone as he requested a custom three and five day average tracking poll report, and Newport practically pulled out his laptop and made The Chuck one right there. The appropriate response would have been a sassy, "Kiss my tracking poll Todd! You'll take what we give you and like it!". But The Chuck now calls the shots and that's a sweet sight indeed.

The next segment was with Dan Balz of the Washinton Post, Dotty Lynch of the American University School of Communication and Mike Allen of Pretty standard fare in this segment and The Chuck was cruising comfortably on impulse power. But the most notable thing about this segment was not anything of particular profundity but strangely it came from Mike Allen's schizoid ensemble consisting of a dapper dark suit coat and tie paired oh so adventurously with light-colored casual pants and sensible black shoes that looked like orthotics. Hats off to the production person who assured Mikey that he'd just be shot from the waist up.

All in all The Chuck performed masterfully. Very quickly the hour became a confident presentation humming with The Chuck's personal energy and cool excitement. We're looking forward to seeing The Chuck manning the con more often. At the very least it'll give us a chance to dust off the Chuck Todd-y drinking game and make an early evening of it.

Who's the best 4th wheel on Morning Joe

The 4th Chair at the Morning Joe table has seen it's regulars. But given a choice, who would you want to see next to our man Willie indefinitely? You've got your regulars like the irascible, yet lovable Ol' Man Barnacle, Harold "Chuckles" Ford (the man wouldn't even crack a smile when Triumph, the insult comic dog was on), the foppish Jonathan Capehart, poster boy for the phrase "still waters run deep", David Schuster and Tiki "Ambien" Barber. Of course, you may have your favorite, so feel free to write it in that little gray box under "other". And don't hold back on putting in a fantasy choice either. Here at the office, we're trying to decide who would pop a blood vessel in Scarborough's head first: Keith Olbermann or Michael Moore.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Viva Chuck Todd Lexicon Watch:
Cable Catnip

ˈkā-bəl kat-nip
Function: noun
Usage: colloquial
Etymology: Modern English - Synthesis of transmission method for non-airborne television signal and strong-scented perennial mint that causes great attraction amongst felines. First coined by Charles (Chuck) Todd circa early-21st century

1 a: A term used to describe a political advertisement that is as devoid of fact as it is rich in sensational claims or imagery making it highly attractive to television news organizations desperate to fill a 24-hour news cycle 1 b: Soft-core porn shown on Cinemax that is easily accessible by 13-year-old boys.

Jonathan Capehart and the Case of the Turgid Tie Knot

A man's tie knot is not supposed to pulsate wildly. One is to master a classic knot and let the fabrics speak for him opposed to letting the knot itself take center stage. If an individual cannot do this, then it is our recommendation to wear a cravat. In the case of Master Capehart, his tie knot has assumed many personalities throughout the last week and it's becoming somewhat distracting. Could this be a case of fashion fickleness or is he merely being uppity or dare we say, elitist in the face of Scarborough who seems challenged by a clip-on?

filed by Viva Chuck Todd Fashion Correspondent - Devon O'Toole

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Chuck on Meet The Press
Somebody get Judy Woodruff a Mimosa STAT!

This morning's Meet The Press was pretty standard fare for all of us political junkies who are adrift in these Horse Latitudes of the election season; no Veep pick, conventions are off in the distance, the candidates are about a hair's breadth from T.P.-ing each other's house, etc.

So you try to pull together a group to talk about something until the Olympics get here. The Chuck worked with what he had. Mike Murphy let loose the most unfortunate of Freudian slips replacing Chappaquiddick for Chappaqua. The Chuck hit him with a rock while he swung in the wind by saying, "You Republicans are programmed (unitelligible)." We believe we heard The Chuck say, "You Republicans are programmed with that story as children to make you fear getting in cars with Senators and/or strangers."

But somewhere in all this snooziness Judy Woodruff was not buying what The Chuck was selling. We here at the Viva Chuck Todd offices challenge anyone out there to review the broadcast and let us know if Woodruff looked at The Chuck more than two times. We believe that lady doesn't like The Chuck. She tried to undermine The Chuck's historical argument of citing the 1988 general election where Lloyd Bentsen outclassed Dukakis and Dan Quayle kept asking Bush Sr. if he could go pee-pee. Illustrating that a VP choice can seriously affect perception if gravitas or experience levels are seriously out-of-whack. Woodruff debated that point by saying even though Bentsen "cleaned Dan Quayle's clock" it made no difference. She also referenced Spiro Agnew as another bad choice that didn't effect the general election. She almost had us until she torpedoed her own argument by referencing LBJ bringing in Texas for JFK. The Chuck piled on by referencing Al Gore bringing Tennessee for Clinton.

We believe The Chuck was making the argument in the context of 2008, where the Vice Presidency has been elevated to a much more powerful and high profile office where the candidates are now more than appendages and funeral goers. Obama is, well, Obama so that needs a whole new vetting matrix and McCain needs to cast for understudies like a Broadway producer in 1996 who has a show with George Burns headlining.

With that said, the Viva Judy Woodruff domain is now for sale if anyone wants it.