Monday, June 9, 2008

Fozzy Bear our Ass!

Far be it from the Viva Chuck Todd editorial staff to take umbrage with The Chuck, but a particular fast and loose discussion on Morning Joe has led us to do such a thing.

This morning on Morning Joe, curmudgeons Mike Barnacle and Pat Buchanan were bookending The Chuck and muttering about god knows what (perhaps their peas were cold or some kid was on their lawn), when Mika Brzezinski brought up the very appropriate appellation of "Muppets" for the pair of codgers; referring to The Muppet Show characters, Statler and Waldorf who would heckle from the balcony. We here at Viva Chuck Todd prefer The Sunshine Boys for those of you who get that reference, but Statler and Waldorf will certainly do nicely.

Once The Chuck caught the Muppet reference (and this is where we take umbrage), he replied "Well, I guess I'm Fozzie Bear." Point of order Sir. You certainly are not the oafish ursine puppet playing jester to a felt frog. You Sir are a grizzly bear. You are the apex predator in the electoral ecosystem. A Grizzly Chuck if you will.

Mika quickly got in on the act and asked "What am I?" and nobody was going to touch that sucker with a 10-foot pole knowing that "Miss Piggy" was who she was directly referring to. Chuck was noticeably uncomfortable in inadvertently helping draw that parallel.

We think we'll let Willie deal with that "third rail" tomorrow.


stephanie said...

but...but he's a-wearin' a neck-a tie!

(anybody? "good grief, the comedian's a bear!"? oh well...)

good point, though. unnerving as your ChuckBear may be, the man does eat goofy talking heads for breakfast, much as the majestic grizzly noms the heads of wayward salmon.

mmmm, salmon...

Lenore said...

Love the top graphic. (They should show it on Morning Joe but they haven't mentioned The Site for The Chuck lately...)
I agree with your analysis of said claim by The Chuck except I do think he shares the sweet good nature of F. Bear. ;-)

boy said...

My unaware and most likely unwilling lovers here at Viva Chuck Todd may have just spawned the greatest feud our beloved shiny tee-veh has ever seen.

Think about it. Stephen "America" Colbert face to face with his mortal enemy, the majestic grizzly bear, played by our sextastic Chuck "Ninja Stylus" Todd.

Sure theres no question as to who would win, but shortly after, we'll all be watching "The Chuck Todd Report." while lovingly groping our be-facial haired build a bears.

dorsk188 said...

You've beaten me to punch on shooping a Muppet Joe pic, and done me one better with analysis. Viva Chuck Todd truly is the greatest blog of all. I tip my hat to you, good sirs.

(I also second, third, and fourth the other comments all.)

Canby said...

So no one has an idea for who he should be? Is Kermit the only option, being the lead dog in the pack?