Thursday, June 5, 2008

Viva Chuck Todd's Debut on MSNBC's Morning Joe: Viva Willie Geist!

There is one person that we all need to thank for making Viva Chuck Todd the site that it is today. That person is MSNBC's Morning Joe Co-Host, Willie Geist.

We say that because the editors here at Viva Chuck Todd never saw Morning Joe from May 28th and really did not have any idea with how much good humor and enthusiasm Geist introduced Viva Chuck Todd to the country. Well, thanks to Viva Chuck Todd Field Media Consultant, Debra A. who shot us a DVD of said show via priority mail; we finally got to see what so many had told us about. That was the day that Willie broadsided The Chuck on-air live with a printout and screenshots of Viva Chuck Todd. Where he read to him the first Chuck Poll, gave results, threw out the URL and even got Mika (and begrudgingly, ol' man Barnacle) in on the act.

Then, as if it couldn't get better. At the end of the show, during the "What I learned today" segment. He declared that Viva Chuck Todd would be his new home page and signed off chanting, freaking chanting people! chanting our name.

And to that we say: A huge Viva Chuck Todd Gracias to you Willie Geist!

I urge our readers to fill the comment section with kind words for Willie, urging him to join us here on Viva Chuck Todd and thanking him for bringing us all together.

Thanks again Willie

p.s. Oh, and sorry about the "man-boy" crack in that earlier post


Adam J. Cohen said...

You can e-mail the show through their site:

If enough people e-mail them from the site, I'd imagine that someone will read it on air. Mika and Willie are always trying to read fan e-mail.

I just shot one off now. When I finish watching my Countdown from last night, I'll be starting to watch Morning Joe... I've been DVRing it as of the late, just to make sure I don't miss any of the goodness...

Loraine said...

I DVR Morning Joe, as well. I must admit I liked it better when Joe was gone, though. I can't stand his rants about "voters in Scranton"!

Willie, you're fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Willie Geist is the Edward R. Murrow of "light" news. His signature feature "News You Can't Use" is probably one of my favorite segments on Morning Joe. It even makes the stuffed shirts like Joe and Pat Buchanan lighten up.

Viva Willie Geist!!!

boy said...

i loved you guys.

then i saw the e-card saying in a perfect world chuck would be king, and Rachel Maddow should be queen.

now im in love with you.

Gloria said...

THANK YOU WILLIE!!! Let's get some more hosts to mention this site..(hey, you think you can talk to Keith Olbermann?)

And regarding what "boy" said, I agree. I love Rachel Maddow as well! If I were gay, I'd have a crush on her!

MovieMom said...

I am happy to join the Willie Geist love train! I was among the many who heard about this site that May 28th Morning Joe and fell down laughing when Geist brought it up. I swore they made it up as a gag on him until I actually logged on and saw it for myself.


Next stop - Keith's Best Person's in the World and/or Oddball.

Although, I gotta put in a plug for Joe, I like him! I am either yelling at the TV over something he said or agreeing with him, but I like him.

Pat B. I could live without -- Full Stop!

Anonymous said...

I love to watch Morning Joe and love it even more when Chuck Todd is on it.
Thanks so much Willie for the remarks and recognizing the site and giving credit where credit is due!!!

You Rock!!!!

stephanie said...

thanks for leading me and so many other Chuckolytes to this cyber-shrine! you are AWESOME. =D