Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Viva Chuck Todd 2.0
After The Primaries

Mixed with the effervescent triumph of Obama making history was a tinge of sadness. No, not from watching McCain yet again try to read a teleprompter and emote, but from the idea that the end credits were rolling on the primary season and we were being asked to leave the theater.

And there The Chuck stood at minutes past midnight EST. At the con. The virtual dais of all things electoral where he in so many words unapologetically explained to everyone that 200 electoral votes were already in the bag for both candidates. Four key states could decide it for each and this is the strategy for the next five months, now go to bed people, it's late.

We know Chuck will grace the sets of Hardball, Countdown, The Today Show and Meet The Press. But with what frequency? Who knows? The man certainly does need a vacation. But what about us? His loyal fans, the Chuckolytes if you will. Well, That's where Viva Chuck Todd comes in. We've got some plans to help all of us make it through till the conventions and the general election.

Ask Chuck's G

Starting this week will be our new weekly feature "Ask Chuck's G". It's an opportunity for you to send us questions you would like us to ask Chuck Todd's Grandmother. That's right Chuck's G will be personally answering your questions in her own words. We're even going to just post an actual screenshot of the email answered so you can get the full effect. So start sending in your questions - be inquisitive, funny and courteous - it is Chuck's G after all.

Viva Chuck Todd on Facebook
Along with our presence here, we now have a community-focused presence on Facebook enabling you an opportunity to meet other Chuckolytes. Trust me, once all you kids start meeting each other, you'll see that you're a pretty smart and smart-ass group. Who knows what might come of such a gathering? Hell, in two days you all came up with a drinking game that plowed most of you under by 6pm.

The VivaChuckTodd Online Store
If you haven't noticed, our little online store has grown to include artwork submitted by fellow Chuck Todd fans, the guys from over at MSNBCdeeznuts. This is going to be the norm. If anyone is so inspired to send us some Chuck Todd pop-art, we'll post it first in the Viva Chuck Todd Gallery collection and get feedback from the masses. Then if people love it and we think if we slapped it on some swag it would sell, then we have new merchandise. And most importantly, ALL proceeds from the store will go to a new charity each month. This month, all proceeds will benefit the American Red Cross.

Viva Chuck Todd e-cards
If ever there was a reason for the Internet, it was to have Chuck Todd e-cards. First off, they're free. No registration, malware or any other crap you have to deal with at other e-card sites. Secondly, they're hilarious and getting rave reviews. Send a whole bunch to friends who have no idea about The Chuck and spread the Chuck gospel.

Okay, we think that's enough for now. And of course if you have any writing (tips, anecdotes and links are needed too), art or video submissions, send them our way. And we can guarantee, that if it's good enough, we'll put it up and The Chuck will see it. Makes you grab that asthma inhaler from excitement, doesn't it?


Fuzzy Lemur said...

Surely Chuck Todd will still be very visible--there's still a ton of politics to cover between now and November: VP selections, what Hillary will do now, and the conventions . . .

Loraine said...

I am new to the blog after seeing the shout-out on Morning Joe. I am thrilled there is a home for fans of Chuck. I think he will be around quite a bit in the coming months.

Kelly said...

All I have to say is "Viva Chuck Todd"

Dina said...

To TPTB at the cafepress.com site, could you add the Women's Long Sleeve White T? I use cafepress for my older daughter's (the one who's less enthusiastic about all things Chuck) school spirit wear and that's my favorite shirt! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Can we get the Viva Chuck Todd tshirts in youth sizes too? My son and daughter would like one, along with a few of their friends. thanks!
Viva Chuck Todd!!!!!!!