Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Looking chipper but mug challenged

On Morning Joe, The Chuck was back and just about up to his old convivial sorts. Smiling and joshing with Mika and Willie as well as Ol' man Barnicle and Giggly Buchanan. He brought his game when discussing Clinton's money woes and Obama's Muslim voter "trip-wire" issue of staying away from mosques. It was all pretty cut and dry and reminiscent of times past and then we were jarred in the final seconds of the segment as The Chuck pierced our hearts with a casual sip of beverage from his mug. We know the camera caught him unexpectedly and it was something we weren't supposed to see; but then isn't that how most people get hurt in acts of, dare we say, infidelity?

A Today Show mug. That's all it was. A damned Today Show mug. A Conan mug or a 30 Rock mug would have been great, in fact slightly puckish, but a Today Show mug. The same kind of mug associated with Al Roker and Friday Billy Ray Cyrus concerts? Why drink from such a mug when your own colossally successful fansite's online store (plug: Viva Chuck Todd) offers six different styles in two different sizes? Can Lauer or Viera boast such a thing? We think not.

Now we'll grant you that busting your balls over what you're drinking out of on a Tuesday morning might be taking it a bit too far, but this is more of an intervention. A sort of diving-to-take-the-bullet-kind-of thing to protect your personal brand and coolness factor (i.e. Today Show mugs are like mullets - Today Show t-shirts are like leg warmers). With that said, you know how to find us. Just let us know which ones you want, where to send'em and they go out via FedEx tomorrow.


Lenore said...

LOL! Love your smoldering humor.

Anonymous said...

I think we should chip in for mugs for the First Read staff. "Viva Chuck Todd" for Chuck and of course "Obey Chuck Todd" for Domenico and Mark. Want to take a collection?

He was up to his old antics and it was a happy day to see him smiling again. It was great!

stephanie said...

he had the today mug again today!! joe called him out on it, but still...chuck, swag all over the place or no, YOU CAN DO BETTER, MAN!

wow, how often does one have need to say that to the chuck? =o

it was great to hear the muppet banter though. =D

Anonymous said...

Stephanie, that's exactly what I headed over here to post! I had my Chuck fix from Morning Joe and watched the whole mug bit. It was pretty funny, as he tried to hide the Today show mug. It is so good to have The Chuck back, but he needs the VCT swag.

Anonymous said...

I would be happy to contribute to a "Get Chuck a New Mug" drive. He needs a better mug for sure. For that matter, so do I. I'm torn between "Obey Chuck Todd" and "Chuck '08"

Lenore said...

Is it just a coincidence that VCT one day, then Joe the very next morning, gave Chuck grief over his mug? Joe, give Viva Chuck Todd credit for your talking points! ;-)