Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Chuck Todd-Y Drinking Game
the official rules

GROUND RULES - the arbiter
Prior to beginning the game, the group must pick an official arbiter who will make all official decisions. Their word is law.


  • Every time Chuck appears on screen for the first time for a new segment, every one in the room must yell out “Chuck Todd!” as loud as possible and take a drink. The last one to yell out “Chuck Todd!” has to finish whatever’s in their glass, bottle, can, etc. Consult arbiter for who yelled out “Chuck Todd!” last.

  • Any time someone refers to him as “Chucky T” everyone drinks.

  • Any time Matthews makes a stupid analogy like “you’re like Spock to my Kirk,” everyone drinks. Arbiter will have final say as to what qualifies as a stupid analogy, though not a hard call to make.

  • Every time Chuck says, “you got it” everyone drinks.

  • Every time Chuck goes to the map, everyone takes a drink. When he circles a county, everyone drinks twice, when he circles a state, everyone does a shot.

  • Every time the “Viva Chuck Todd” web site is mentioned, everyone does a shot. And if by chance they mention the drinking game, everyone does two shots.
If you'd like to print out a handy official Chuck Toddy-y Drinking Game reference card click here. Please keep us all apprised of your condition as the night goes on by commenting at this post freely and often. Best of luck, celebrate responsibly and make sure that the only person who has a better night than you is Obama.


Fuzzy Lemur said...

Thank you for the cheat sheet. I hope they mention the game on the air sometime tonight. I'll be watching and waiting! Viva Chuck Todd-y!

MovieMom said...

OK, having just test piloted the game with a large Apple Martini, I am empty on just Chuck's Republican VP potential picks analysis, I'll be drunk by 9PM if they keep up segments like this!

LOVE THE BLOG!!! And thrilled to see I am not the only other Chuck Todd geek fan!

Patrick said...

A note from Patrick, the official Chuck Todd-y bartender.

To all of you that will wake up with a wicked hangover tomorrow; I'm sorry. I had no idea that Chuck would start circling states like a crazy man. In my own home, not minutes after Chuck's first appearance when he appeared with the map and then circled two states at once, I was left with house full of drunks. And then, we got the VP prediction map! Oh God! Perhaps I need to change the rules, unless that is, you're all having a really great time. Please advise.

Cheers and Viva Chuck Todd!

sportsjefe said...


Chuck Todd, intoxicating the nation with his intelligence.