Monday, July 7, 2008

The Chuck's back from vacation and Fineman makes a bigger collar than the DEA

As days in the Chuck Todd universe go, today was a relaxed confident post-holiday re-entry to the airwaves with no revelations or noteworthy instances. We've all become spoiled to the burgeoning screen presence and finesse The Chuck is now exhibiting. He seems empowered yet at the same time still channeling the humility and good humor that has earned him the respect of his peers and legions of Chuckolytes nationwide.

He spent the day on three different shows (Morning Joe, The Today Show and Hardball) pointing out McCain's opportunities to gain some much needed footing on Obama. And essentially laughing at the potential funding and P.R. welt the last night of the Democratic convention is going to leave on the ass of the McCain campaign- the 80K democratic love-in at Denver's Invesco Field where Senator Obama will accept his party's nomination.

Our fashion correspondent Devon O'Toole filed this report today about The Chuck's threads:

The Chuck was wearing some new finery as evidenced today in the sleek dark pinstripe suit complimented by a delightful aubergine-hued tie. All the issues put forth earlier in this publication concerning tailoring have apparently been heeded as tonight's suit was impeccably tailored showing none of the unfortunate shoulder puckering of times past. A slight gap between the borderline anemic tie knot and the collar button crux was visible, but forgivable considering the long day.

Unfortunately the sheen of The Chuck's fashion star was made all the more bright by our friend Howard Fineman and his amazing technicolor polo shirt that was beamed via satellite from Denver. Poor Howard was actually allowed to go on-air with some Rotarian's navy-blue blazer draped over the most hideous cyan polo shirt ever to be photographed. Up until tonight, we were not aware that polo shirts could be purchased that had collars measuring in furlongs. Mid-segment they did try to tame the collar but to no avail. To that point, never let it be said that Viva Chuck Todd is not helpful; Howard if you are reading this, please click here to get the number for Brooks Brothers in Denver - ask for Franklin, he will dispatch a proper shirt and tie to your hotel immediately.


Lenore said...

About his Hardball appearance: It seems Chris Matthews either barely lets him speak or talks over him or interrupts him or patronizes him ("You're the political director at NBC, therefore you will have the answer") or gives him a history lesson or dismisses what Chuck says when he does get to talk for 15 seconds. If you're going to have The Chuck on your show, let The Chuck speak!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Howard was going for that retro '70's thing where in the evening he can strip off the shirt, throw a gold chain or two on, and dance the night away. Such a look works best with white leather shoes and matching belt, but alas there are no eyewitnesss accounts as to his shoe and belt choice.

Herb Tarlek Lives!

Viva Chuck Todd Staff said...

Amaducias wins the obscure reference award with a WRKP in Cincinnati nod - wow! I was torn in potentially using a Mr. Ralph Furley reference myself.

Anonymous said...

If there had been a quiz show, the answer, "Who is Mr. Furley?" also would have been acceptable.

I was worried no one would have know who Herb Tarlek was.

Anonymous said...

Lenore, I completely agree. I think Chris has become a bit competitive with Chuck. It's a long way from the whole "You're Spock" routine.

But the good news is that when Chuck speaks we all listen. And it's always worth it. I wish they would just devote the first 10-15 minutes of Hardball to letting Chuck talk about whatever he wants to talk about. That would be a TIVO season pass for me. Or better yet, let Chuck have the 15 minutes before Hardball to do with as he pleases, with guests, etc.

Anonymous said...

Chuck's next Newsvine chat is on for Thursday, July 10at 3:30 ET.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that Devon O'Toole did not comment on Chuck's snazzy new hairdo. Morning Joe was talking about it the other day (7/8/08). I believe Willie Geist even referred to Chuck as a "handsome devil".