Thursday, July 3, 2008

Lee C. takes the caption contest prize

We here at the Viva Chuck Todd offices must admit two things: First, the caption contest was an unmitigated success judging from the buckets of entries we received and secondly, you're all a bunch of mean-spirited bastards who made this opportunity to savage Brokaw tantamount to a school of sharks sniffing a wounded seal. With that said, nicely done boys and girls.

The Chuck'08 mug has found a home in Omaha, Nebraska with our new friend, Lee C. - Congratulations Lee! Any representatives of Mr. Brokaw can point your wrath in that direction.

And a big thank you to all who entered. It was a tough job for us to judge the hundreds of great entries; although it did get a little easier once we weeded out the dozens of "pull my finger" captions.


Anonymous said...

I promise to drink only The Chuck or approved beverages. It will have an honored place between my CIA coffee mug and my dad's coveted fraternity mega stein.

cs said...

Lets see the top ten captions!!!!

boy said...

Congratulations on the win and a hilarious quote. i almost choked on jell-o while reading it. You done good, there Lee C.

poe said...

Funny stuff! Congrats Lee C. - enjoy the mug...I'm jealous as hell, but you deserve it!

Ed said...

It's funny because it's true.

Anonymous said...

Awesome job, Lee C.

I would also like to see at least a runner-up