Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Summer of '08 Chuck Todd Drought continues

No Chuck on MSNBC or NBC today, but you can see him (with Mark Halperin) on Charlie Rose from last night. Nobody's stepping on his commentary or forgetting he's sitting in the Washington studio while five people chatter away in New York (yes, I'm talking about you, MJ crew).

Genius Chuck Quote of the Segment:
"As Alaska goes, so goes the landslide." (22.05 min)

And of course he posted this week's installment of the Democratic Veepstakes.

Report filed by Viva Chuck Todd field correspondent - Lenore


Anonymous said...

Lenore, thank you so much for giving us a heads up on the Charlie Rose interview. It was a great interview with Chuck and Halperin. It was so nice to hear him uninterrupted!

Anonymous said...

The drought is officially over!! Chuck finally appeared on Morning Joe today. His long awaited appearance commenced with a lively discussion of the proper terminology for his facial hair...hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Chuck was on point on Morning Joe this morning (wednesday)... I don't get that polly-annish word that he said twice... WTF! does that mean...
Hey you guys should post up that Optimism trumps All quote... that will go down in history.

Anonymous said...

Chuck, this is a test. Obama is doing well on his overseas tour.
I can't wait for you to come back with, well he's not doing too well. I still remember the Indiana campaign when it looked like Obama would take it, and you said Oh Man...for a political director, you're not as neutral as you should be. Maybe it's time to practice being neutral.