Thursday, July 31, 2008

This isn't so much a fansite, as it is a Celebration!

So, once again Morning Joe paid off in spades this morning for, as Willie put it,” everyone’s favorite website - Viva Chuck Todd". Joe, Willie, Mika and even one of our favorites, David Schuster got in on the act of celebrating The Chuck for being the rising media star that he is.

Willie pointed out that there is in fact a "movement" afoot. A movement that has chosen to embrace all things Chuck and we're proud to say that this site has become the vanguard of that movement. We were disheartened to hear the cynical rebuke from The Chuck as to the intentions of our symbiotic relationship that has been informally struck with Morning Joe. I believe we speak for Morning Joe when we say, that we are nothing more than fragile Aspen leaves carried aloft by the winds of celebration for Chuck Todd (Scooter Libby and Judith Miller were consulted for that last part). Even Schuster proclaimed that he knows "a lot of Chuckolytes"; and if there's anyone we're going to believe in that studio, it's Schuster. Willie was quite taken aback by The Chuck's mood. Our man Willie was simply trying to get out the fact that Viva Chuck Todd is offering a free ring tone of Joe playfully introducing The Chuck and The Chuck proceeded to cast a pall over our intent and declare us some sort of Morning Joe puppet masters - j'accuse indeed Mr. Todd - you cut us to the quick. Once again, we are merely two parties, clasping the same ribbon as we dance in celebration around the Chuck Todd maypole if you will.

And now, back to politics
Inevitably, the conversation flowed back to politics and The Chuck was in the zone. He has been noticeably nonplussed by the opportunities the McCain campaign continues to fumble. His earlier point as to why McCain hasn't "danced on Ted Stevens political grave" was laser sharp and given to the McCain camp on a silver platter. His further analysis and dead-on analogy of McCain being the "slow boxer" bear-hugging Obama so he couldn't throw any hay-makers was indeed apt as was the calling him out on the whole celebrity issue; indicating that McCain enjoys his celebrity as well.

Viva Chuck Todd Editorial aside
We at the editorial offices of Viva Chuck Todd would like to chime in on this whole "celebrity" kerfuffle and say the latest McCain ad which includes Britney Spears and Paris Hilton just underscores how ridiculously out of touch he is with pop culture and the youth vote. Hilton and Spears are so 2005 it's not even funny. They're yesterday's news. But then again, this is coming from a guy if asked who should be a singled out in an ad showing sexpots with international appeal he probably would say Elke Sommer and Gina Lollobrigida
end Viva Chuck Todd Editorial aside

Apparently The Chuck was feeling exceptionally sassy this morning as to ruffle the feathers of his NBC overlords and speculate that an Obama VP announcement during the second week of the Olympics would most likely not suffer from nor fear the concurrently airing games. The Chuck in fact with great conviction warned all newsies to be on "high alert" for Obama to make such an announcement at that time - a bold prognostication from The Chuck.

Back to the Celebration
Then the hijinks started again with The Chuck taking a swipe at Joe and Mika insinuating that they'll be vacationing with the Kerry's during the Olympics; Scarborough quickly corrected him. Joe and Willie will apparently be doing the Lord's work in Guatemala and during that time they will be festooned in Chuckolyte wear. Because as it was pointed out by Joe, Chuck's huge in the Americas.

Everybody celebrate!


Lenore said...

I was wondering how you'd play that bit of Chuck turning his analytical eye at you, VCT. And, not at all surprisingly, you played it great.

(And, as they say at the end of every MJ, What have we learned today? I think we've learned someone's paying a lot more attention to this site than we thought... :-)

michelle said...

I watch Morning Joe every morning--I love that show. And now when The Chuck is introduced, I wait eagerly for the shout-out to VCT and the perplexed look on Joe's face questioning what the big deal is. Sure, Chuck has never been in Congress (*ding*). But he's cool to us numbers and computer geeks, even those of us who don't blog nor eat Cheeto's.

Anonymous said...

i absolutely love this site. VCT is going global!

A's Mom said...

I think what I love most is that it has essentially become the "pee wee's playhouse" word of the day - say VCT and everyone cheers!

You guys are doing a great job of creating fun and laughter in an election that is currently veering into the innane. Keep it up!
And I will say it again - Put Willie on payroll!

P.S. -- Did you all see? Luke Russert is going to be an NBC correspondent for the conventions! I think it's terrific!

Anonymous said...

I'm not really all that puzzled by The Chuck's reaction. I believe that he is a humble man, perplexed by the whole notion that being insightful and speaking the truth of the numbers has garnered him such attention as to drive multiple websites. Would be feel this way if he was a two time Heisman winner, and six time pro-bowl pick quarterback for the Redskins? Who knows.

I don't think he is botherd so much by the attention we as Chuckolytes give him, as I think he is bothered by the MJ squad. With the exception of The Geistmeister, others seem to think there is reason to find the whole VCT phenomena to be cute, like a lemonade stand set up by the kids in the neighborhood. I think Joe is a little jealous because no one is selling thongs emblazoned with his likeness and wisdom. If there were, only 5000 lb. women would wear them because Joe gets a little long winded.

Now, I have to start writing my apology to 5000 lb. women everywhere.

Crude Analysis said...

A couple things... why don't you ever call out Joe for calling the site "Viva La Chuck Todd." I always think it's amusing... at first he was so oblivious to what VCT even was, but he's definitely starting to catch on. Willie has taught him well. Also, what a humble, modest man The Chuck is... almost too much though. Yesterday could've been an awesome exchange, but he ruined it with his humbleness and through his awful attempt to get off the subject. Soak it all in man!! I've also noticed that various commentators and analysts on MSNBC have been throwing The Chuck's comments into a discussion to back up their argument. How awesome is that... And did any of you notice the sly look on The Chuck's face as he took a big drink out of a clear plastic cup when Willie mentioned VCT yesterday? He knows what's up; he's just pretending he doesn't.

Crude Analysis said...

Has anyone from Morning Joe commented on here yet? You should encourage Willie to write a guest post or something. Willie's the man, but of course, he's no CHUCK. Actually, Morning Joe was rather boring this morning, and I think it's because Willie wasn't there.

Anonymous said...

i agree with Crude Analysis... let's see if Willie will write in or have a guest spot on our site. I like him- he doesn't try to make everyone around him feel stupid and he openly gives credit where credit is due.

I also think the Chuck should give us a little credit and not try to play us off or act like he doesn't notice. He should be proud of us and give kudos to this awesome site. Don't get me wrong.. I love the Chuck no matter what.

I (along with thousands of others) would love for the VCT Prez. be a guest on MJ one morning. How awesome would that be??? They do frequent the site, so we need to let them know... maybe Willie will help us out.

Christopher said...

Did anyone hear Willie say "they can be on our show if they celebrate Chuck..." referring to Viva Chuck Todd team?

Hoo-boy, I think we're finally going to see some true on-air interaction between MJ and VCT - I'm Tivo-ing that one

Newsjunkette said...

I second Christopher - C'mon Morning Joe producers! VCT has given you some of your best material. Plus, Willie is one of us. Get MJ and VCT on the same set