Friday, July 25, 2008

Bless You Willie Geist, as well as El Carlos, Capehart's knot and the people of Monterey, CA

It always makes for an exciting morning when you're awakened by the buzz of your Blackberry alerting you that Viva Chuck Todd got mentioned again on Morning Joe. Little did we realize that Friday morning's segment was chock-a-block with several mentions and allusions to past Viva Chuck Todd coverage. Below is a recap of the moments that had the Viva Chuck Todd offices abuzz.

Bless You Willie Geist
Willie set off a raucous opening bit with Cheetos which had the panel devouring the classic processed snack in honor of Joe's dismissive mocking of the blogging community et al or as he likes to call them: The Cheetos Brigade. Our man Willie Geist drew a line in the sand and declared Joe's hate-speak a personal attack on he (a blogger and vlogger himself - see Zeitgeist) as well as his "blogging brethren". And for that Willie, we are fast-tracking Viva Willie Geist into production. And if Willie hadn't done enough, Scarborough proceeded to introduce The Chuck and make mention that he has his own website called "Viva La..." where Willie came to our aid with great projection and elocution in saying "". Bless you Willie Geist, bless you.

An interesting aside to all of this occurred as Scarborough introduced The Chuck. He led in with his usual tired chestnut of "the guy that all the kids call Chucky T" except this time he modified it to contain the odd inclusion of two geographical locales: Mexico and Monterrey: "The guy that all the kids from Mexico to Monterey call Chucky T". Now we're going to once again pursue the concept of cause and effect and say that Scarborough was making a veiled reference to the new Viva Chuck Todd offices located in San Diego. A city in between Mexico and Monterey, CA (as was later clarified, not Monterrey, Mexico). If that's the case Scarborough, we'll take it.

The Chuck not missing a beat demanded that if Scarborough was going to carelessly talk of our neighbor to the south, it would be only appropriate that he be addressed as "Carlos". And with that brilliant syllogism, we will refer to The Chuck as "El Carlos" for the remainder of this post.

Tied up in knots

First off, we were positively giddy to see former child-star Emmanuel Lewis on the panel. Frankly, we had no idea he was so well versed in geopolitical affairs as to hold a dialog with Ambassador Richard Holbrooke. With that said, later on in the morning during the segment with El Carlos we were a bit dismayed to see El Carlos defer to Emmanuel's sense of style; specifically feigning trepidation towards being on the same screen with Emmanuel and his continental shelf of a triple Windsor. Now we will give credit where credit is due by directing high praise Emmanuel's way for the brilliantly subtle pocket scarf. Playing off of the diagonal striping of his tie with a lovely silver white solid was indeed sleek. I am loathe to admit however that Scarborough said it best: "That's a helluva Windsor". It was not only what he said, but how he said it; dripping with sarcasm. Causing one to recall what the Bard's creation Polonius said in Hamlet Act 2, scene 2, 86–92 "Brevity is the soul of wit". Here here Mr Scarborough, well played.

But I digress. El Carlos truly has no reason for feeling bested by the knot that wore Jonathan Capehart (never let it be said that we'll run a Webster joke into the ground). Although, it was a bit of a Goldilocks situation in the fact that Mr. Capehart's knot was virtually Rococo in it's grandiosity and El Carlos' was a tad thin. In some alternate dimension betwixt the two knots existed something that would've better served each gentlemen. But if we must pick one that looked better than the other, It would have to go to El Carlos for a wiser chosen knot in line with his particular facial structure and display of the gorge.

filed by field fashion correspondent, Devon O'Toole


The hits just kept coming as Scarborough wound down the segment with the line "Monterey's favorite, Chuck Todd." and there in the split-screen, El Carlos lifted to his lips the crappiest little paper coffee cup to ever see air-time thus reigniting the infamous Morning Joe Mug Scandal of 2008. I swear to god, our offices and Chuck Todd forum posts everywhere collectively cheered to see El Carlos essentially say in that one defiant act, "I'd rather drink Folgers out of Ol' Man Barnacle's tattered loafer than a Morning Joe mug." All said, we would frankly give up the chance to see El Carlos drink out of a Viva Chuck Todd mug in exchange to see him drink out of a Countdown with Keith Olbermann mug just to see Scarborough's head explode.


Lenore said...

Brilliantly funny again and the last bit is priceless. But we expect no less from Viva Chuck Todd.
Speaking of Chuck Couture, over on the chat today, The Chuck for some reason was wishing he has Evan Bayh's hair: "Well, I wish I had Bayh's hair... (not Edwards'; I hate the flip)."

A's Mom said...

Classic VCT commentary, the video alone had me laughing out loud and by now you gotta know Willie is a believer! I just about spit out my "morning joe" at the line and thought of an Olberman mug!

Anonymous said...

Funny stuff...But maybe there really should be a VivaWillie site!He definitely deserves one for remaining so even keel and funny amidst Mika's daily tantrums and the complete ridiculousness of Joe.

Clay said...

Todd/Geist '08

A's Mom said...

So for the late comers on the west coast -- Joe attempted to get the name right again this morning, much closer with "viva la chuck". Pretty funny stuff and I think it is officially time to put Willie on payroll!

eb said...

What Lenore said! VCT is firing on all cylinders with that great wit.

That Capehart knot was indeed a thing to behold. Wow.

And go Willie!

I'm so glad the VCT team is back; these entries make my day.