Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Back from vacation with new tans, new offices and renewed passion for all things Chuck Todd

As with all ridiculously fast-growing organizations, has had to endure the agony with the ecstasy. Last week we experienced both our most agonizing and ecstatic moments with the relocation to our beautiful new Viva Chuck Todd/Chuck'08 offices in downtown San Diego. This herculean task was done while most of the editorial staff took a much needed summer vacation - thus explaining the anemic coverage of a reasonably interesting Chuck Todd week (see the below retroactive posts). With that said, we're back, tanned, rested and ready to follow The Chuck into the abyss of this wacky election.

Here are the pics of the old and new digs - enjoy:


Anonymous said...

LOVE the new digs!! Welcome back Viva Chuck staff!!

Anonymous said...

I second that! Like the new place and glad you are back.


A's Mom said...

very high on the swank. loving the conference room

p.s. - I am actually moviemom which apparently is a registered trademark, thus the name change.

Anonymous said...

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