Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Chuck is aging backwards

After careful scrutiny by a special panel of physicians retained by Viva Chuck Todd, it has been determined that not only is Chuck Todd the master of all things electoral, but it appears he is also the master of time. Their conclusion: Chuck Todd is aging backwards.

A lead physician specializing in telomerase research and human aging was convinced that The Chuck is a medical anomaly of the highest degree. Such a consensus left many of the scientists puzzled as to why someone with such an obvious gift would choose to be seen on television; a transparent medium that will inadvertently chronicle a medical miracle and allow the world to see what one person has and so many do not - potentially causing worldwide sociopolitical unrest. In addition to the statement issued this morning, the panel of physicians also presented a report that contained the findings that at the current rate of regression, Chuck Todd will appear to the public as a nine-year-old boy by election day.

As with all news that smacks of the fantastic, there are always cynics and armchair specialists. Morning Joe host and former Florida congressman, Joe Scarborough scoffed, "The guy's lost a few pounds, c'mon, for crissake get a hold of yourselves!". Morning Joe co-host Willie Geist also offered an explanation for The Chuck's youthful appearance, "He's a Highlander. There's no other explanation for that handsome devil".


kellison said...

This is hilarious and I am sure that "the Chuck" will really appreciate this. Whoever writes this stuff deserves an award!!! I love reading this blog everyday just to read the creativity of it all. The Chuck is aging backwards!!!! He is a shear genius in every way.

eb said...

Chuck is looking especially good these days. Go Chuck!

Poor Willie and Joe are just jealous. ...

stephanie said...

heck yeah, joe's jealous. he's not exactly the picture of youth himself, and, last i checked (being 30 seconds ago), there are no online shrines to joe's awesomeness.

don't get me wrong, joe's still a damn sight better than david gregory, but he's no Chuck (but then, who is?).

willie's cool, though. i dig willie.

Loraine said...

I dropped by Viva Chuck Todd today looking for an explanation for The Chuck's great new look. Aging backwards is as good an explanation as any, and probably accurate. Thanks!