Monday, July 28, 2008

The Morning Joe Boys Give It Up Big For
Viva Chuck Todd

Okay, all joking aside, we're frankly humbled that Joe and Willie gave a shout out to Viva Chuck Todd this morning after their segment with The Chuck. Willie especially; our man Willie annunciated with great clarity of voice our URL and went on to say Viva Chuck Todd was "excellent".

Take that Anderson Cooper Fan Club.


Anonymous said...

Oh my God!!! Was that for real? I checked out the AC fan site and almost died. I had to take I had top take a hit if acid to control the urge to rip that high school yearbook of a site from the hands of it's creator, and scrawl "AC you so dreamy girl!!!" across the photo.

I'm gonna have to spend the rest of the day in rehab just to get over that, and by rehab, I mean a fifth of Jack and Alka-seltzer.

stephanie said...

YAAAY WILLIE!! and joe. i guess.

poor anderson cooper. his fan club won't even spring for a real url.

Michelle said...

I was excited when I heard the shout-out too! I watch Morning Joe every morning, and I don't even eat Cheetos nor blog in basement. I'm waiting for election night when Chuck runs the scenarios. I literally can't wait...I'm such a geek, sigh.

A's Mom said...

Like I said earlier, VCT -- I think it is officially time to put Willie on the payroll!

Anonymous said...

Why in the hell does Joe call us kids??? what about Chuckolytes?? Or Chuckie T fans, or Chuck's peeps????

I guess that I should be satisfied that he gives us shout outs!!! So... thank-you Joe!!! :)

You Rock Willie!!!!