Monday, August 11, 2008

Viva Chuck Todd Lexicon Watch:
Blog Fodder

Let's hear it for John Edwards for selflessly giving us something to talk about while Obama's in Hawaii and McCain is having his pudding. Unfortunately, The Chuck thought he'd at least have one morning to sleep in. No such luck thanks to the former presidential candidate pretty boy, Senator itchy-pants. And with that amazing segue, we give you today's Viva Chuck Todd Lexicon Watch word: Blog Fodder

ˈblg ˈfä-dər
Function: noun
Usage: colloquial
Etymology: Modern English - a synthesis of the contraction for a personalized online journal and expendable targets; here used in a literary context. First coined by Charles (Chuck) Todd circa early-21st century

1 a: A term used to describe a sensational story that will be voraciously consumed by bloggers and dismissed by conventional media 1 b: A photograph or video featuring a drunken starlet exiting a vehicle wearing no underwear.


boy said...

1c:A mistake made by a member of the opposition party that can be vaguely and clumsily pinned to the opposition's nominee.

Anonymous said...

Check out this link for an article written by The Chuck

Very informative and cuts through the crap about Clinton's chances.

Anonymous said...

Chuck is tie-less in this video today.

Also, he lost the Fishbowl contest. Some DJ got like 10,000 votes this morning.

Lenore said...

It's truly an amazing sight. He's barely recognizable sans cravat. ;-)

btw, that is a really excellent article. He says the media never challenged Clinton's chances, but I think he did back then & fairly often.

Anonymous said...

My thing is that Clinton didn't react fast enough to the changing climate during the primaries, especially early on, and now we know why. She essentially squandered the nomination by not changing strategies when she had the chance, and even though The Chuck did not come out and say, it came across in his reporting.