Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Wide World of Willie:
Greco-Roman Wrestling

Our man Willie Geist apparently squeezed in a couple of human interest segments before he and Scarborough shot off to Guatemala to do the lord's work during their Olympics hiatus. The only complaint the girls (and some of the boys) here at the Viva Chuck Todd offices had was that this darling little piece didn't have Willie squeezing into a darling little piece called a wrestling singlet.


boy said...

I would like to join that group of boys upset over the lost opportunity. Willie is by far one of the best looking men on MSNBC. He, along with Chucky T, Keith..y O, and Rachel Maddow make MSNBC the sexiest name in news.

Having said that, forget greco roman wrestling. How about Willie and The Chuck as WWE tag team champions?

Anonymous said...

First, Willie has too much package to contain in a single singlet. He would have to wear a codpiece.

Second, WWE tag team with The Chuck and The Geistmeister would be unfair to to the others, and unfair to The Chuck's tailor because I can't visualize him NOT wearing a suit.

Third, that first one made me sound incredibly gay, so I'm gonna go stand in the corner until someone tells me I can come out. Of the corner that is.

boy said...

You can come out of the corner now. You're comment wasn't half as gay as mine. You're straight be association