Sunday, August 24, 2008

Meet The Press 08/24/08:
The Chuck's game is solid for the week ahead

Although it will be hard for you to believe, we're going to be serious for a moment.

This morning's round table discussion on Meet The Press was one of Chuck Todd's finest moments. Not exceptional in what was discussed, but exceptional in how it was discussed and by whom. The Chuck sat down with three of the most respected journalists in the area of politics. Tom Brokaw, the lion sage with a trusted timbre and historically sentimental publishing cred that has gained him respect beyond his newscaster days. Gwen Ifill, host of PBS's Washington Week and Senior Washington Correspondent for the News Hour with Jim Lehrer was herself a front-runner seriously speculated on to inherit the Meet The Press chair in the days after Tim Russert's passing. Her strength and intelligence were never more apparent as in the 2004 Vice Presidential debates which she moderated. It was there she reined in a pugnacious Dick Cheney like a calm assertive school marm (gender be damned). And lastly but not least, John Meacham, Editor of Newsweek magazine and eloquent author of one of the more gifted theses on the influence of religion on the founding fathers. These three are not from your usual chattering class and The Chuck was holding his own right there with them.

In fact, each member of the panel at one time or another agreed or referenced a point The Chuck made prior. The Chuck was succinct, yet conversational and possessing the radiance of someone who still can't believe their good fortune.

The Chuck spoke of how the Democrats are beginning to bristle at the the McCain POW defense for all things sensitive to the GOP candidate. He also put into context what Biden is truly going to be from now till November 4th: "Obama hired himself a defense lawyer" Adding to that pithy summation that he was also going to be his working-class ambassador where in "one speech, he can sell the [Obama] biography better than Obama himself can do." Agreeing that The Chuck was right on the points mentioned, Meacham gave the Democrats some steel by imagining that a "Democratic Fight Club" has been established in light of their prospects and McCain's aggressiveness.

After discussing the tired but vexing question of Hillary voters and what they'll do, The Chuck complimented the McCain buzz machine for keeping in the news and probably pushing the Biden announcement to the last minute with headline jockeying stories such as Lieberman's consideration and the like. Brokaw brought up Colin Powell being floated as a potential McCain VP shortlist occupant. Everyone agreed this was dangerous and The Chuck offered up some great points to the group. One being that Powell is over 70 and that would be an immediate detriment and he also gave fantastic insight on how Powell should be pleased about the Biden pick considering the productive and friendly working relationship they shared back in the day. Meacham called it a "nightmare scenario" for McCain if Powell announces, after the convention dust settles, that he's endorsing Obama.

Brokaw closed the segment by half-joking but also making sure everybody knew that The Chuck would be on from midnight to midnight for the remainder of the week. The Chuck warmly shot back at Brokaw reminding him that he would be right there with him burning the midnight oil.


eb said...

Chuck was great all weekend long. It helped make up for the drought during the Olympics.

I thought Brokaw's comment at the end of MTP was extremely telling (and exciting). I literally rewound the DVR to make sure I heard him correctly!

I don't know if my DVR has enough space to record all the Chuck appearances. I'm going to have to figure out how to hook up that external hard drive!

Anonymous said...

I am loving all of this Chuck Todd time on the tube! He is doing great!

Anonymous said...

How come polls make me sick unless The Chuck is there to explain them? I catch some of CNN's polling and it seems that they are ready to write Obama's obit, but when The Chuck explains the polling, there is better perspective. What gives? Is The Chuck the only honest guy out there?

Lenore said...

Amaducias — I think the others think they're being honest, they just don't possess anywhere near his insight.

EB! and anonymous person — agreed. Maybe the network could release a DVD or two of Chuck Todd's Greatest Convention Moments, a la the Olympics.

eb said...

Lenore, great idea! Maybe the VCT folks will make/add a Chuck Todd DVD their VCT store. :D

Btw, did you hear Joe say he wanted a VCT t-shirt this morning? I thought that was too funny!