Tuesday, August 12, 2008

And Hillary could've won the lottery if she got all seven numbers too

"By my calculation, her chances at the nomination were less than 25 percent. And after Feb. 19, those odds dropped to around 10 percent."

That's the money quote from a marvelous article penned by The Chuck on the cacophony of speculation surrounding Hillary and her nomination victory in a parallel universe. More specifically, former Clinton campaign spokesman Howard Wolfson's bombastic claim that Clinton would have the nomination if Edwards peccadilloes came to light earlier this year.

The Chuck calls foul and draws an ingenious parallel to a certain "other" southern gentleman's indiscretions that if examined next to Edwards, could've possibly spelled doom for her campaign much, much earlier. Never let it be said that we think The Chuck is anything but neutral, but you have to laugh at how much The Chuck might've enjoyed writing this article when you consider how much The Chuck "respects" Wolfson and his keen political intellect. Who can forget the palatable restraint The Chuck showed while sitting next to Wolfson for a segment during the Democratic Rules Committee meeting in May. You could see The Chuck was a hair's breadth from screaming "bull$#!" at Wolfson and summoning security to have him removed.