Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Can we pick'em or what?
RADAR names TV's Most Powerful Pundits

Radar magazine is a favorite employee lounge read over here at the Viva Chuck Todd offices, so we were very pleased to see that they were giving it up for not only (#1) The Chuck, but (#3) Rachel Maddow and (#4) Scarborough as well. Whatever the hell Mike Huckabee and Gore 2000 saboteur Donna Brasile were doing on the same list we'll never know. But it was nice to see that a mainstream publication with a hilarious mean streak sees the pundit world the same way we do over here at VCT.

On the flipside of who's not hot, it was slightly sad to see Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews on the list, but you could definitely understand where Radar writer, Nick Curran was coming from. Olbermann could do nicely to finally lay-off the tired and borderline batsh*t crazy O'Reilly schtick and sweet jeezus, we too cannot wait for Matthews to start his Major Kong missile ride of a Pennsylvania senate run in 2010.


Lenore said...

Glad I'm not the only one who got tired of the "feud" a long time ago. I would never hear or see O'Reilly if it weren't for Keith. Thanks, Keith. But I do like most of his show. BTW, what a difference: Chuck with Matt Lauer and 12 hours later, with Keith Olbermann. He somehow seemed a helluva lot happier with Keith.