Monday, August 18, 2008

Who do you think Obama will pick?

So The Chuck let David Gregory enjoy his chair this past Sunday on Meet The Press, where he was also joined by the always lovely Andrea Mitchell and Joshua "Batman-kinda intense" Green from The Atlantic. It was all quite boilerplate and nothing new really. The Chuck set the tone by discussing his electoral map containing the "lean states" that Obama is "putting away" and the states that McCain is just holding onto. The round table discussion soon moved to the topic the pending VP announcements from both campaigns; Obama's presumably coming first. The group seemed to lean Biden. What say you?

Since Chuckolytes are some of the most politically astute individuals in America, we thought we'd get your choice for Obama's upcoming pick. This poll will run till the announcement:


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure McCain won't pick another former POW, because they all agree he shouldn't be president.

idiotic said...