Monday, August 4, 2008

Viva Chuck Todd Lexicon Watch:
Cable Catnip

ˈkā-bəl kat-nip
Function: noun
Usage: colloquial
Etymology: Modern English - Synthesis of transmission method for non-airborne television signal and strong-scented perennial mint that causes great attraction amongst felines. First coined by Charles (Chuck) Todd circa early-21st century

1 a: A term used to describe a political advertisement that is as devoid of fact as it is rich in sensational claims or imagery making it highly attractive to television news organizations desperate to fill a 24-hour news cycle 1 b: Soft-core porn shown on Cinemax that is easily accessible by 13-year-old boys.


Anonymous said...

Chuck used the term "Blog Fodder" on the Today show this morning when describing the John Edwards situation and if the McCain campign would use it. This distingushishes it from "Campaign Fodder" like using Obama's celebrity.