Thursday, August 14, 2008

NEW from Cerebral Itch and Viva Chuck Todd:
Rachel Maddow e-cards

It's been a little quiet on The Chuck front, so we thought it was a perfect time to roll out one of our new spin-off products that we're pretty proud of: Viva Rachel Maddow e-cards.

Just like The Chuck's e-cards, they're free, sassy and look great on the iPhone. If you love Rachel as much as we do, start sending out the cards declaring your appreciation for the Wonder Woman to The Chuck's Superman (yeah, we know that was a tad over the top).


Anonymous said...

At least this spin-off is better than Jonie Loves Chachi.

boy said...

I have to be honest. That pink pic of Rachel really doesn't work. It makes her look creepy when in reality she's stunning.

Having said that, Rachel depresses me, because I want her so much but can't have her because God cursed me with a penis.

Anonymous said...

these are awesome

Anonymous said...

How can you like Rachel Maddon? She's the opposite of Chuck Todd. He's logical, thoughtful, nonpartisal and she's completely partisan. What ever happened to commentators who at least tried to be nonpartisan?