Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Viva Mika Brzezinski!

So this morning on Morning Joe, Senator John McCain took a unprofessional shot at Mika for being a Barack Obama supporter.

In a question that was asked of him by Mika concerning the economy, McCain couched his answer with the provocative taunt to communicate to her assumed candidate of choice, Senator Obama, that the town hall offer still stands. Okay, Scarborough does it all the time and it's part of their schtick, but McCain often has trouble with punchlines and comedic timing so he came off as pugnacious or shall we say "pissy".

After that, hackles were raised and the woman scorned shot back unveiling inside familial information (Mika's two brothers work on presidential campaigns - one for Obama and one for McCain) and cut the Senator to the quick - check out the 7:25 mark on the video.


kc said...

This clip is good, but it misses the after-interview discussion when Joe sais McCain was short tempered and took a shot at Mika.

Anonymous said...

Mika has always been very public about her brothers' political affiliations. AAMOF, Mika rarely shuts up about it -- she rarely shuts up about anything that brings the attention back to herself.

Mika, like just about everyone else at NBC and it's affiliates, is completely in the bag for Obama and makes no bones about it.

She also happens to be the dumbest, most narcissistic ejit on television right now.

Hell, all she does is come on to all the male guests, snort, giggle, slurp and smirk into the camera, play with her cell phone and blackberry, interrupt everyone with her inane babblings, and condescend and talk down to everyone who dares to disagree with her.