Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Chuckolytes storm Denver!

One of the main reasons for hauling our cans out to Denver was to meet Chuckolytes from all over the country. To be honest, we truly didn't anticipate the sheer numbers or the enthusiasm of the free-range Chuckolyte as they roamed the Denver streets.

We learned first thing Wednesday morning that the Morning Joe crew is raucous band of hardcore Chuckolytes. But when we got to the MSNBC broadcast cube to hand out Viva Chuck Todd schwag we really saw the revolution. Once our staff and their trusty yellow Viva Chuck Todd messenger bags filled with posters and Chuckolyte pins were spotted by The Chuck's fans we were essentially mauled. During The Chuck's anchoring gigs throughout the week, the crowd proudly held aloft Viva Chuck Todd posters and screamed his name.

One of the true highlights of this crazy scene was on Thursday when Obama Communications Director, Robert Gibbs came by the set to talk with The Chuck. While he was being mic'd he noticed all the Viva Chuck Todd posters. Mr. Gibbs cracked an impressed jovial smile and commented to The Chuck on how great the Chuckolyte presence was. After his appearance, Mr. Gibbs along with his staff made his way to a waiting car. Our editor Paul intercepted him and Mr. Gibbs immediately recognized the trusty yellow Viva Chuck Todd messenger bag and came over. He was genuinely amused by the Viva Chuck Todd schwag and asked if he could have each one of the posters; we gladly gave him several along with a handful of Chuckolyte and Chuck'08 pins. We were truly struck by how down-to-earth and just plain nice this man was. He graciously posed for a picture with us and got on his way not showing any of the stress someone in his position should show considering his candidate was hours from giving the biggest speech of the campaign. As we shook his hand, we wished him the best of luck on the evening's event...like that crew even needed it.


chris said...

Gibbs Rules !!

poe said...

Great stuff! Loved the videos from the convention - obviously you had a blast. Thanks for sharing!

Loraine said...

Love Robert Gibbs!

Anonymous said...

Anyone know where I can download an image of that Chuck Todd caricature?