Saturday, September 20, 2008

Q&A Cafe w/ Carol Joynt: THE CHUCK

All political geeks who do not have the good fortune of living in or near Washington D.C are deprived the phenomenal political/entertainment watering hole known as Nathan's. Every week Nathan's puts on "'The Q&A Cafe with Carol Joynt' - a talk show taped live before an audience at Nathans Restaurant in Georgetown, Washington, DC. It's open to anyone who wants to attend". To see just how much of a Georgetown institution this place is, check this out.

This past week they hosted The Chuck. Emoting his usual affable and casual demeanor, dozens of lucky Chuckolytes got to enjoy The Chuck's nuggets of wisdom up close and personal. The interview in it's entirety is fun, intimate and in-depth. We especially liked the first five or so minutes of the interview where Carol talks about Viva Chuck Todd and and gets The Chuck to comment. It was bittersweet in the fact that we like to get mentioned, but man, do we hate to see The Chuck squirm over us.

So with any further interruption, Q&A Cafe w/ Carol Joynt: Chuck Todd

And most importantly, A big Viva Chuck Todd gracias to Carol Joynt for the shout out to us Chuckolytes - your membership card is on it's way ;)


Anonymous said...

Excellent interview. The Chuck was thoughtful and insightful, and didn't allow himself to be dragged down by her obvious attempts to speculate about The Clintons, Matthews/Olbermann feud, etc. That's why he will always be THE Chuck.

Anonymous said...

I thought Chuck handled it all well. He is very humble and is careful how he says things. Well done Chuck!