Saturday, September 27, 2008

who won the debate?

Well, you voted and the results speak volumes. As well as mirror the growing consensus: Obama won - Grumpy ol' man loses.


Stop Obama Express said... Listen to Obama in his own words. Go McCain Palin

Anonymous said...

The poll results are interesting. I support Obama, but I thought McCain had a good night. Obama seemed a bit tight. McCain did better on the economy than I expected - though I didn't catch anything substantive on what he'd do in office to shore up the economy.

Jim Lehrer reminded me of Michael Vick, trying to get the dogs to fight. He asked good questions but his repeatedly making them go at each other was a distraction.

Can't wait for Biden v Palin.

phillygirl64 said...

I thought it was close, which means Obama won, since the debate was on foreign policy, which is supposed to be McCain's bailiwick