Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Not Cool:
Matthews disses The Chuck

One might have noticed The Chuck becoming extra passionate the last few days as a result of the tumultuous polling landscape and the circumstances wreaking havoc on them.

Today's NBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll was the last shoe to drop in the pronouncement that the McCain campaign is listing and needs to right itself. The "Hail Mary" of today's campaign cessation announcement and debate reschedule was certainly chum for the news sharks and polling companies.

With that said, this kind of action means only one thing to The Chuck: constant NBC/MSNBC exposure. Every hour, The Chuck was there. He was on Morning Joe. He was on Hardball. He was on The Nightly News with Brian Williams. The man was a machine raising salient points and bringing the "gold standard" of polls (NBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll) to the public.

But something happened today that could only be summarized as "not cool". On Hardball with Chris Matthews, The Chuck brought his game and was exceptionally forceful and expressive in his presentation of the facts. Obviously off his game, Matthews not only did his usual verbal toe-stepping on The Chuck, but cut to a phone-in McCain spokesperson without so much as a thank you to The Chuck. It was abrupt, inappropriate and rude. The Chuck is now in a position to bring some serious gravitas to the party and to cast him off without so much as a "thank you" is done at one's peril.


Anna Banana said...

I can't say I was surprised to see that from Chris Matthews. He keeps talking until someone agrees with him. At least when he gives up the ghost to run for senate YOU don't have to see him on TV every day. Meanwhile this Philadelphian gal will have to watch him take over every commercial break while he's campaigning! I may have to throw my TV out the window when that happens.

Anonymous said...

not cool mathews not cool. but there was a very special treat to see in the back round of Mathews guests a special glimps of the Chuck talking to his crew. While Mathews did shoot down our man it was made up by that small foresight into the behind the scenes action of MSNBC.