Monday, September 22, 2008

CHUCK COUTURE: Jonathan Capehart dons the bow tie and the crowd goes Wilde

In a bold and courageous move this morning, Jonathan Capehart of The Washington Post chose to out-George Will George Will by donning a rather, how shall we say, flamboyant polka-dotted bow tie that lacked the necessary rigidity to fend off the comments of those who would never dream of going where Mr. Capehart went in his tie choice.

It was by all accounts a calm morning despite the scurrilous election, still-to-be-determined averted financial collapse and the metaphorical end credits of Pax Americana. So none of us were prepared for what Capehart was wearing. We have all become somewhat innured to the double, triple, quadruple Windsors the young wordsmith has laid on us; but even the most seasoned Capehart fan did not see this coming - a bow tie!

It was a gloriously floppy dark slate blue number that provided a field for white dots to prance upon like jewels on blue velvet. It was tied in a knot that was structured yet fashionably laissez-faire at the ends. Capehart batted away comments with the confidence of someone who revels in being a trendsetter, despite that trend being somewhat obscured by decades. Although the dichotomy of Scarborough letting loose with a snide acknowledgment while wearing a skinny Sears tie that could only be riffed via a "Ryan Seacrest" reference, was rich indeed.

Hats off to you young Capehart. Our senses are now heightened to what comes next. Know this; we look forward to your Ascot next week.

filed by Viva Chuck Todd fashion editor, Devon O'Toole


Anonymous said...

Again proves that this is the greatest site ever. Brilliant and hilarious, well done!

Anonymous said...

Isn't there another african-american writer named Clarence that also wears a bow tie? What's his name? He shows up on MJ every once in a while.

The tie was most unexpected, larger and floppier than most bow ties we've seen. Bravo!

Anonymous said...

Jonathan Capehart is my favorite - next to Chuck of course. Bravo, bravo.

Dave said...

The first thing I thought when I saw Jonathan Redenbacher was if it was going to be on Viva Chuck Todd. I was not disappointed. I enjoy watching him because he shows you can be smart without being pretenious, unlike his similarly bow-tied counterpart, George Will. Viva Jonathan Redenbacher!

kc said...

Don't forget about MSNBC "Senior Campaign Correspondant" Tucker Carlson. Or, has he stopped wearing bow ties since he lost his show?

Joy said...

I am trying to forget Tucker Carlson. The only part of his now defunct show I enjoyed was Willie Geist.