Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Uh, is this mic on?

The Chuck held court today for a gorgeous blooper and fed the beast with some innocent post-interview questioning that caused former McCain 2000 campaign manager and Republican strategist, Mike Murphy and Wall Street Journal columnist, Peggy Noonan to voice their genuine opinions about Sarah Palin and the new Republican gameplan while their microphones were mistakenly still hot.

Just the fact that the acclaimed wordsmith and doyenne of diction, Peggy Noonan uses the word "bullshit" makes this a classic and perhaps the greatest soundbite for a dance mashup since the Barbra Streisand classic. The surrounding content of her profanity is in direct contradiction to her column in the Wall Street Journal this morning which heaped praise on the "transformative" figure that is Palin. It brings this to a level of irony that is to be relished by all political junkies and anyone who gives a less than Christian gesture to the screen when Noonan comes on.

UPDATE: Noonan's column is now complete with a mea culpa posited as her "mugging" by the media. She also proclaimed regret for "blurting" a "barnyard epithet". Sorry honey, when you say "excuse me" before you let loose with your potty word, you ain't blurtin' a thing - that's premeditated cussin'.


Anonymous said...

Freakin' awesome!!! If Murphy and Noonan feel violated then they should have heeded the advice given to Jesse Jackson about not speaking your mind when you are near a mic. I'm media challenged and even I know that.

The Chuck delivers a gem as only he can.

stephanie said...

as if The Chuck weren't awesomehero enough, this...oh, this.


to hear peggy noonan say "political bullshit about naratives" absolutely made my day. like amaducias pointed out, the whole jesse jackson fiasco should've put the fear of candid conversation around mics in every pundit's heart.

way to go, nubbos. =D

Dina said...

My Facebook status for the majority of day yesterday was "I want Peggy Noonan off my TV!" Her pomposity drives my absolutely crazy, despite the fact that her two-headed baby as bowling ball quip made coffee come out of my nose the other day. I couldn't be more delighted to hear her with her guard down and to hear how she, and other Republicans, I assume, feel about the Palin pick. And Chuck, though he probably did not know his mic was still live, said nothing to embarrass himself! More Chuck aswesomeness for us!

A's Mom said...

OK, I will begin with -- I ADORE both Mike Murphy and Peggy Noonan. Yes, I drink the Peggy Noonan koolaid and her column is a must read for me, especially this political season.

That said, I love the humanity of the fact that all three of them got caught in the 'gotcha' hot mike. More over I don't think they said anything completely 'out of school'. My office has been a buzz all week about the Palin pick between - a) do they think any woman will do? how offensive to b) picking a woman is smart, why not Meg Whitman, Kay Bailey Hutchinson or Snow? There were folks out there and I don't think Noonan pulls punches, I think she has been candid throughout and brought some real insight.

As for Murphy -- man oh man, when the guy who was your wingman can say what made him great was that he was cynical and the move breathes cynical I think it speaks volumes. Murphy knows McCain about as well as anyone.

I thought it was a VERY interesting exchange and save for the curse, could have easily been something they talked about on air. Noonan earlier in the week referred to her as the "Hail Mary" pick, so I don't see the complete contradiction.

Anonymous said...

The Chuck made a hilarious reference to it on MJ this morning. I'm sure the cracker-jack VCT staff will be all over it.

The best thing I've seen in a long time was Robert Gibbs' Niedermeyer reference today. The Chuck looked like he was about to spew from laughing so hard. It was beautiful.