Monday, September 8, 2008

The Chuck finally gets his shots in on Scarborough and chimes in on Palin and Hillary

The Chuck finally goes after Scarborough in busting his hump for not being around 57 days before the election. Albeit in absentia, he still took a swing at his major ball-buster. Mika and Willie tried to defend him, but to no avail. Chuck referred to Scarborough's absence as a "bunch of hooey"; which we felt was a marvelous sound bite and choice nugget for a Viva Chuck Todd ringtone - click here to download.

The Chuck then got down to brass tacks and addressed the Palin issue, The Gallup Daily Tracking Polls and most interestingly, Hillary deflecting Palin for Obama.


Anonymous said...

There is one criticism I have for Chuck, whom I rather like, as well as for the MSNBC crew generally. They all have a tendency to use party-language in their descriptions. Chuck's most recent case of this was his description of McCain and Palin as a "pair of mavericks," which is debatable on its face.

Anonymous said...

Good for Chuck. Scabs has really gotten hard to watch of late. I know it's all part of his schtick and he's probably not the a-hole he appears to be, but it gets old. Mika is a pretty good journalist but he makes her look like a doofus, and all the bickering and badgering of panelists who have different viewpoints is tired. If I wanted to see that all the time I'd watch Fox. I think Joe's periodic "assignments" (as Mika calls them) are good for everyone.

A's Mom said...

OK, you know I love you guys at VCT, but this one may have jumped the shark.