Friday, May 30, 2008

Primary Pallooza This Weekend!

The Chuck is going to be at my house this weekend, and yours, and yours and yours!

With so many Chuckolytes enjoying 96 hours of coverage generously peppered with the sagacity and wit of The Chuck, we thought we'd open up the party and invite everyone to write us and give their favorite Primary Pallooza/Chuck Todd moment(s). Either leave comments or send your sizzling copy here.

Thanks to Willie, Mika and the Morning Joe crew for making us feel like part of the show and in turn, dropping new people off on the shores of . And to those who wrote us and contributed, thank you for the very cool and generous words of support. But please know that this site is yours as well. Send us your video, words or art and we'll post it making The Chuck proud or at least blush the next time one of his on-air associates busts his balls for having a goofy fansite.


Maria said...

I think we need to campaign for MSNBC to put up all the Chuck Todd clips on their video archive, especially those from Morning Joe, which is WAY before I get up.

Thanks for creating the site! I'm definitely a Chuck Todd fan. You guys might want to check out his pages on My Space and Newsvine too. I thought the profile info on My Space was interesting and we finally know his age as well.

Dina said...

The worst thing about the weekend is the Chuck Todd withdrawal so I am GEEKED that he will be on all weekend! When will I ever get all that gardening done?

Patrick said...

Watchin' a little Chuck T on Hardball as a sort of pre-game show. And Chuck T makes me sooooooo proud I kept my goatee even though everyone, including my wife, said it was
passé. Viva Chuck Todd and Viva Goatee!!!!


PS: You can check out a picture of my 16-year-old goatee at my blog at

Sir John Falstaff said...

As the 'Palooza begins, the audio is out of sync with the video feed! Noooo!!!! The Chuck's mouth moves, then the words come out later!

First thing we do, we kill all the sound engineers.