Monday, May 19, 2008

Chuck Todd Fact #27

When Chuck Todd signs off with "You Got It"; you better damn well have it.


Zoid said...

the "belied his youth" remark I've read on this blog about Chuck is a thought i've also had. He is amazing, if only for the fact that he looks so young and so authoritative at the same time. Its also amazing that his bio only mentions web-based broadcasting before the big splash we're now seeing. I think the major news networks need better scouts or they'll miss these types. The biggest mystery to me seems to be his age. I think in some places, his pics are actually photoshopped to make him look "older" to jibe better with his on-screen gravitas, which is unusual in the biz.

But how old IS this guy.


Anonymous said...

Where are the other 26 facts? Come on!

Anonymous said...

I finally found him. According to public records, he is 36.

SSN: xxxx issued in Florida between 1/1/1973 and 12/31/1973

Age: 36