Friday, May 30, 2008

Cutest Chuck Todd Fan Story...Ever.

I thought my 5-year old dumpling, who literally kisses the screen whenever Chuck Todd appears, was his youngest fan, but it looks like he's got a couple young fans too.

Whenever my daughter won't come when I call her, I tell her Chuck Todd is on TV and she comes a-runnin'! And she used to be afraid of guys with beards until The Chuck as well, so he cures phobias as well.

A Viva Chuck Todd Gracias to Field Reporter Dina

Oh and Dina, I think I speak for everyone reading that we need to see a picture of this adorable and well-placed devotion - the editors


Dina said...

After attending a hockey game with our wonk-ettes, we have (gasp!) misplaced our camera. We know it's around here somewhere. So, in the meantime, I took some pretty dang cute pics with my fancy schmancy phone. Now phone is being v.v. uncooperative in sharing pics with computer. I will upload them soon!

In a side note, I explained to Heidi that some of mommy's friends online wanted to see how much she loves Chuck Todd, to which she replied, "You should send them pictures of me kissing the TV. You could pause the Tivo so Chuck Todd is on the screen!" She's 5, people!

She ranks her MSNBC love as follows:
Chuck Todd
Keith Olbermann
Tim Russert
Andrea Mitchell

I asked her, "What about Chris Matthews?"
"Which one is he again?"
"The blond one."
"Oh, I like him, too!"