Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Point of Order Matthews: You are no Kirk to Chuck Todd's Spock

"I feel like Captain Kirk sometimes and you're Mr. Spock."

That's what Chris Matthews said as an introduction bringing Todd into the discussion of the North Carolina/Indiana primaries. I would like to point out that this was a prime example of Mr. Matthews frequent delusions of grandeur and hackneyed pop culture references. To further elucidate, Chris Matthews could never be Kirk to Todd's Spock for the following reasons:
  1. Matthews in his wildest fantasies would never be able to take down a Gorn - Todd could, no problem
  2. Todd looks way better in mustard-colored lycra long sleeve Federation t-shirts than Matthews ever could (even after the bout with Malaria)
  3. Kirk got the chicks - need I say more?


CTfan said...

Give the man a break. It must be hard not to be the star of your own show.