Thursday, November 6, 2008

Some magical MSNBC moments on election night

As the states began to break for Obama, the anticipation on-air was palpable. Say what you will about Uncle Chris Matthews, but he gave the most endearing and genuine little speech as to what it was going to mean to have the Obamas as our First Family. Then, the always wonderful Eugene Robinson brought the Viva Chuck Todd offices to tears speaking about telling his son that you can grow up to be president. Bishop T.D. Jakes and Congressman John Lewis added sobering and historical perspectives as history was virtually unfolding by the minute.

Also, enjoy our favorite little "pitchfork and torches" moment outside the White House.


Dave in Omaha said...

Watching the coverage on MSNBC, I would say that Uncle Chris and The Chuck were DOMINANT!!!

Everybody was good. Even though, I wish they Norah rather Ann Curry on. Throughout the primary season, I just became accustomed to Norah doing the exit polling.

Lastly, as painful as this is to say becuase I like her show, but Rachel got schooled a few times by Chris. Chris experience really showed on Election Night.

Also, when is Eugene ever going to get a show? I'd watch it in a second!