Sunday, November 2, 2008

Affleck as Olbermann: Was this even funny?


Elaine said...

We will be watching Countdown tonight. Did Ben make "Worst Persons"? and, come on, look at your poll....Chuckolytes loved it.

iltsurf said...

That was f-ing hilarious...genius I might add.

I am sure it hurt your little Liberal feelings, but you'll get over it when your leftist dictator Obama is elected on Tuesday.

The Pajama Pundit said...

Wow... a 'leftist dictator'? Really?

Hey man, whatever makes your Kool-aid taste better I suppose.

Personally, I thought the sketch was funny -- but it went on a little too long. Affleck really was in the zone when he mocked WPITW... when he went up into his higher voice register a la Olbermann, that was the good stuff.

Dave in Omaha said...

I thought it was slightly off, especially the cat segment. However, I loved the almost 360 Ben did though. That was funny!