Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Last Post for Viva Chuck Todd

Bittersweet is about the only word that comes close to the feeling of today. This is the last post for Viva Chuck Todd.

I say it all in the below video, but it needs to be put in "print" just how thankful I am to all of you who made this site a joy to do everyday for the past six months. It has been a fantastic experience just in "meeting" those of you who frequented this site and made your presence known. I know personally that Chuck is forever grateful to all of you for your words of support and encouragement through this historic election season.

For the record, over 120,000 people visited Viva Chuck Todd, and combined in the last six months, tens of thousands of Viva Chuck Todd and Viva Rachel Maddow e-cards have been sent, there are over 350 (and counting) Chuckolyte card-holders and approximately $600 has been raised for the Tim Russert charities.

As the dust settles in our electoral process, this seemed like the logical time to sign-off and go back to what I get paid to do. With that said, there might be some posts in the future as events dictate; so be sure to sign up for updates via email using the Feedburner box to the left- but for the most part, I'm done.

This site and all related Chuck Todd sites ( and will remain live as will our spin-off site, Viva Rachel Maddow.

Before I go, special thanks need to go out to Chuck's G, Kim, Kristian, Willie Geist, Joe Scarborough, Jonathan Capehart, each and every proud Chuckolyte card holder, Ol' Man Barnacle, of course The Chuck and most importantly, Tim Russert for hiring that numbers guy from The Hotline.

Thank you all again for one hell of a fun experience.

Vaya con dios Viva Chuck Todd,

Paul Chamberlain


Katie said...

Thanks Paul! I'm still blown away that I found people on the internets that love Chuck as much as I do. I will miss Viva Chuck Todd as much as I'll miss election season.

The Pajama Pundit said...

Paul, you are indeed a blog-visionary. The Viva will surely be missed by all... until the 2012 election season that is!

... or perhaps the 2010 mid-terms?

Let me know when Viva Pat Buchanan goes live...

Dina said...

Paul: After seeing your farewell video I'm more convinced than ever that we are kind of the same guy. Thanks for the shout out! I will miss VCT so much. It's a rare day that I find people who share what is, arguably, one of my strangest passions, MSNBC political coverage and most especially Chuck Todd. And, since I have quite a girl-crush on Rachel, I will always be jealous of that hug.

Heidi was delighted to wake up this morning to see herself on Viva Chuck Todd, so you definitely made her day. All the best with Viva Rachel Maddow and Cerebral Itch. I'm sure you'll hear from me again!

Thanks for everything!

stephanie said...

tis a sad, sad day...but it's good to know that there are plenty of others out there who are newsgeeky enough to have found a hero in The Chuck. i am not alone. :D

thanks paul, and Chuck, and america (i'm quite happy with shiny new president-elect)!

Anonymous said...

I'm very sad to see your site end, but after watching your video, I understand why. It's great site you've put together over the last six months! Hopefully, you'll still be able to work in the occasional post.

Do you have a PDF/JPG of that Chuck Todd caricature you got printed out on your wall behind you in the video?

K~ said...

I'm sad to see it come to an end - this was fun. Thanks for putting it together - and I am hanging on to my card for 21012 !

Joy said...

In my best Tina Fey/Sarah Palin voice I wantta give out a big ole Texas shout-out to Paul’s wife and daughter for letting him share with us all things politics and Chucky T.

I may have withdrawal systems if I’ve no Viva Chuck Todd spot to visit. I’ll have to make do with George W.’s antics as he comes home to Texas and Dallas in particular. I can’t wait.

stgoebel said...

Wow!! Thanks for the great fun. I will always remember Tim, the primaries, Obama mania and VCT. SO GREAT!!! Enjoy your family!

Jan and Stu said...

Say it aint so, Paul! You and The Chuck kept us going through the looong election season and I will miss your witty posts and The Chuck's wisdom. I hope you will keep us updated from time to time. It has been a pleasure being a Chuckolyte! Loved the video! Much success to you in whatever your future ventures. You have a lovely family! You will be missed! Vaya con Dios, Paul!


scott free said...

What no thanks for me? WTF?
And get some clothes on that kid.

Scott Free

Pamela Ross said...

Is it too late to say your closing montage made me cry? I cannot believe the low-grade depression I am suffering since Obama won?! Not because he won, of course. But because it was the end of an amazing era and I will miss being glued to the teevee-- MSNBC and CSPAN-- more than anything.

Those were the days.

And after the MEET THE PRESS announcements that are sure to come soon, perhaps there will be more Chuck for all of us to love.


Anonymous said...

As a proud card carrying chuckolyte I honestly can say you brightened by day every time I checked the site - thank you for your heartfelt goodbye, I really will miss the place.