Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Chuck on his last pre-election Meet The Press

Is it just us or are they trying awfully hard to make it look like this election is even going to be close? The Chuck puts up the unicorn and dice landing-on-their-corners scenarios for McCain.


Anonymous said...

I thought Chuck was outstanding during the round table. His comment about the number of prospective new members of congress and their steep learning curve was very insightful.

bryansullivan said...

Chuck was a little cautious I think in his analysis, especially regarding Co, NM, NV, MO, In, VA and NC...many of these states had leads for Obama for weeks before the election...but Todd and NBC were so cautious due to past issues with polling and because of this stupid Bradley effect idea. I always said from the day I heard about the Bradley effect that it made no sense. Why would a racist or someone who wouldn't vote for a black man, say that he or she would to a pollster, makes no sense. Only the inverse makes sense, that I might be a little prejudice and perhaps my neighbors and family are the same or worse and so no Obama yard sign for me, and when a pollster calls I say McCain, but vote Obama. Also Bradley was falling in the polls into the election from what I've read. The Republicans always talk about how pro Obama the media was and I think in some ways they were, because he was better, it's hard to hide your feelings sometimes and hard to deny the obvious, reporters and commentators are only human! Republicans were in an uproar at the suggestion that Palin was unqualified...she was!!! We all knew it!!! The people knew it, and voted as such, only like 20% of the country thought she was, like those people at Palin rally's in Ohio that thought Obama was "related" to he has a terrorist for an uncle or something. Or that Palin was filled with the holy ghost. I mean if it walks like a duck right? We all saw the same reality and called it what it was, only the angry, lunatic, fringe right resisted, I hope she runs in 2012, what fun that will be. She should have to pass an 8th grade geography test first. Why does the media tend to be a bit more liberal? Because some of them are journalists, thinkers, they are wired to analyze and think critically, that leads you invariably to liberalism. Anyway I think the media was so scared to embrace the obvious which was that Obama was going to win in a landslide and that's what it was...8 million votes!! When Bush won in 2004 by far less he kept going on and on about how he earned "political capital" and he "was going to spend it" But now we hear President Obama must be cautious and moderate and centrist and not make waves. Screw that... he has a mandate, a big one, the guy won Indiana, North Carolina, Virgina and Ohio, he ran the table. Now I think Obama won't rule from the left and I think perhaps a balanced approach is best but all this talk about how Obama shouldn't appoint a democrat who is a "partisan" as his C.O.S. is ridiculous. I know this comment is all over the place.