Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Viva Chuck Todd Lexicon Watch:
Dan Quayle-ized and Spiro Agnewed

Thanks to the drubbing Governor Palin's been getting by the press regardless of their stripe, The Chuck ingeniously gives us two new words to describe the metastatic creep that is beseiging the brand called"Sarah Palin". And with that, we give you today's Viva Chuck Todd Lexicon Watch word(s): Dan Quayle-ized / Spiro Agnewed

Dan Quayle-ized / Spiro Agnewed
Function: Adverb
Usage: colloquial
Etymology: Modern English - First coined by Charles (Chuck) Todd in St. Louis, MO circa early-21st century

1 a: a pejorative appellation given to someone who is out of their depth while seeking the second highest office in the land. Dan Quayle-ized refers to Dan Quyle, the 44th Vice President and Spiro Agnew, the 39th. Both were much-maligned by the public and the press. 1 b: A complete a-hole, moron or both