Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hey Scarborough, spring for some decent shoes will ya'

On a special Sunday edition of Hardball with Chris Matthews, Joe Scarborough felt wearing the appropriate footwear was not necessary while commenting on General Colin Powell's endorsement of Barack Obama.

We got your number Scarborough.


Anonymous said...

Joe's wearing a pair of sneakers on Morning Joe today too.

Anonymous said...

from the NYT Magazine interview w/Rachel

Clothing item a talk-show host needs: For me, it is sneakers, which I can wear 80 percent of the time, secretly behind the desk. That reminds me who I am, even though I am dressed up like an assistant principal in order to meet the minimum dress code for being on television.

Elaine said...

I feel a little cheated that you are filling up space on "Viva Chuck Todd" with anything about Joe Scarborough. Joe is becoming more of an irritating egomaniac as he becomes entrenched in MSNBC. Maybe somebody who can listen to his diatribes and sarcasm can start a "Viva" site for Joe and keep Chuck's postings Scarborough free.

joseph said...

Here, Here Elaine Here,Here